Where's My "Grade B?"

Where’s My “Grade B?”

I’ve gone to all my usual suspects and I’ve looked high and I’ve looked low, but my Grade B is nowhere to be found!

It’s as if a far away alien species discovered “my secret” and beamed every single drop of it back to their home world.

 What’s this Yogi Tea lovin’ Earthling to do?

(Okay, just between you and me, I’ll let you in on my secret -I put a teaspoon of Grade B maple syrup in my daily mug of Yogi Tea to make it extra yummy!)

Well, it turns out that the USDA renamed “Grade B” and “Grade C” to “Grade A” because they thought that a grade of “B” or “C” was, well, de-grading!


Here are the new names:
“Fancy” is now called “Grade A: Golden Color and Delicate Taste.”
“Grade A: Medium Amber” and “Grade A: Dark Amber” are now called “Grade A: Amber Color and Rich Flavor.”
“Grade A: Dark Amber” and “Grade B” are now called “Grade A: Dark Color and Robust Flavor.”
“Grade C” is now called “Grade A: Very Dark & Strong Flavor.”

Epicurious.com has the details.

So, I brought my favorite “B” and the replacement stuff to the office for comparison testing.

As you can see in the photo above, the new stuff is not as dark and rich looking as “Grade B” (the one on the left). Also notice the change in the wording on the labels for the grades.

And the taste of the new stuff compared to a traditional “Grade B?” Here is what my staff said:

“Tasted instantly sweeter.”
“Not as full bodied.”
“Tastes more processed.”
“Significantly different and not as enjoyable.”
“Thinner, runnier.”
“Doesn’t taste like it has as much minerals.”
"Lighter flavor, not as intense."

Well, I want my “Grade B” back. It wasn’t broken, and it didn’t need “fixing.”

In my next post I’ll give you my recipe for “Yogi Tea”, a brief history and why you may want to drink it every day!

Bless Your Heart and All Your Other Parts,

October 13, 2016

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