Sangeet Kaur Khalsa's Annual Blessings Code Numerology Forecast for 2015

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa with Blessings Code numerology chart 1.

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa presenting
the Blessings Code numerology
forecast for 2015.

Sat Nam Everyone!

At our Healing Source annual Year-End Meditation and Party, Sangeet gave her Annual Blessings Code™ Forecast for the coming 2015 year. This time around Sangeet gave us something extra special -a sort of "mini numerology class" that lasted almost 2 hours!

Sangeet began by teaching us how to figure out our own "Personal Annual Cycle" -the overall trends and tendencies that each of us may experience in the coming year. Then Sangeet showed us how to calculate the "Planetary Annual Cycle" -the overall "character" and "influences" of the planet.

Sangeet followed up by teaching us how our own "Personal Annual Cycle" interacts with the "Planetary Annual Cycle" to create month-by-month influences that can elevate us, create great opportunities, or present us with tough challenges and significant obstacles.

Sangeet's sense of humor and connection to “the big numerologist in the sky” permeates her entire presentation giving each of us a sense of hope, encouragement and strength for the coming year.

Please take a few deep breaths, relax and enjoy this special presentation. Sangeet's notes that she handed out are below the audio, but you may want to take some of your own notes!

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Sangeet Kaur Khalsa's Annual “Blessings Code”™ Numerology Forecast for 2015 – A "Planetary 8 Cycle"
These notes accompanied Sangeet's forecast on December 30, 2014.

chart 1 small

(Chart 1: Double click chart for larger version.)

An 8 cycle is known as the Cycle of Power
– power in all forms. It can bring prosperity, fulfillment of long-sought-after goals and projects, added strength to support ambitions, much creativity. However, its power can also be overwhelming at times.

If we were to look at these annual cycles in terms of seasons, the 8 Cycle would be the harvest time.

As difficult as the 7 Cycle was in 2014, full of self-doubts, at times tempting you to drop a project, a job or even a close relationship, if you endured and kept steady, you can now reap the benefits this year.

The harvest comparison is also significant because it indicates that what follows the harvest is fall and winter, a time when one does not plant (or start) anything new. So next year you must use the strength coming to you to prepare for the coming winter that starts to set in in October but comes in fully in January – lasting throughout 2016.

 The gift of this cycle is a 6 – the heart of compassion. Condition all your actions with this heart and you will not get caught in reactions you will regret.

 Events will be moving so quickly for you by the middle of February, that you may forget how tough things were in November/December of 2014. You may also forget this little piece about engaging the heart.. But underlying all that you do must be compassion for self and others. Without it, success will mean very little. Without heart, your words are empty and you will not gain the sense of self-value that your efforts should gain for you. (8 is fire and 6 is warmth – one has more power while the second is more lasting and effective.)

chart 2 small

(Chart 2: Double click chart for larger version.)

What's at risk? Personally, on the health front, dis-ease or breakdown can affect your lungs, heart, colon, and produce overall acidity in your system which can contribute to issues in joints and arthritis. Why so much? Because the fire energy of an 8 Cycle requires you be in control of your fire, raising and lowering the volume and centering it where it does the most help and least harm. Fire fuels you but it can also burn.

Who do you do? Have a health check-up early in the year. Address issues that you may have been denying or sweeping under the rug. Adjust your nutritional intake. Avoid sugar and alcohol.

Internationally, there is the very real risk of war, flagrant abuse of power by despots, seemingly unstoppable armies on the march. Last year the national/geopolitical lines that were crossed now give way to transnational movements that recognize no boundaries. We have long had unlimited fire-power in our grasp – now, can we discipline ourselves not to use it, not to be provoked into flagrant reaction?

What should any nation do? Reaffirm all alliances and make new ones. Position yourself to take a stand and know when it is necessary to do so. Then, do not give an inch or you will lose miles.

Prepare in Time: You must focus on stabilizing 4 aspects of your life before the end of September:

1. A steady daily spiritual practice
2. Your financial security
3. Your closest personal relationship(s)
4. And peace at home.

Toughest months? January (9), August(7), September(8) and October(9).

How to calculate your Personal Annual Cycle for 2015.

Take the year – 2015 – and add vertically to it the day of your birth and date of your birth month.

Example: My birth date (me, Sangeet -yours is probably different) is June 9th.

So add

Total = 2030

Now reduce (add) the first 2 digits (2+0) which equals 2 and reduce (add) the second 2 digits (3+0) which equals 3 and add them together (2+3). That equals 5.

So in 2015 I am in a 5 Personal Annual Cycle. For the intermediate numerologists, my Gift of the Year is a 3. The Gift of the Year comes from the sum of the second two digits 3+0.

The number 5 represents the physical body, the teacher, flexibility, mental agility, and the ability to set and reassess priorities. (The gift number 3 represents creativity, nurturing, service and light-heartedness but overworked it can bring stress and moodiness.)

What was my Personal Annual Cycle in 2014?

Add it up:
Total = 2029 which reduces to 2 + 11 and that reduces to a 4. So, 4 is my Personal Annual Cycle (with a gift of an 11).

How do we know the planet is in an 8 Cycle?

Just add the digits of the year 2015 is 20 & 15 which is 2+0=2 & 1+5=6. So, 2+6=8 which means the planet is in an "8 Annual Cycle" (with a gift of a 6).

Note: This system is based on the ancient yogis' understanding that the soul comes in with 10 Energy Bodies, each with gifts and challenges. So the highest number is 11: 1 soul and 10 bodies. Each body has specific characteristics. Do don't reduce a 10 to 1, or an 11 to a 2.

How the 8 Planetary Cycle can affect Your Personal Cycle

If your Personal Cycle is an 8 –

You want to get into high gear and finally you can! The year may start a little slowly but by the end of February the pace has quickened. Prosperity can bloom. Connections with people will prove to be good, even fortunate. You can change what you are doing or improve it considerably. This is the year to make progress on all fronts – business and relationships, as well as spiritual growth.

However, beware! The effect of the planetary 8 cycle will be to tempt you to accelerate too quickly, to take risks without full consideration. It can make you erratic and give a sense of urgency to your moves.

Your yoga practice needs to incorporate a lot of breath work. Your daily walks need to include timing your breath to your steps and moving with deliberation. Be careful to have all the following four factors taken care of before the end of September. For while you may have more power, you must focus on maturing and stabilizing 4 aspects of your life by the end of September: your spiritual practice, your financial security, your closest personal relationship(s), and peace at home.

Anything that is not right, adjust it or change it well before September so you have time to integrate the change well before October when you will begin to feel some things not working as effortlessly as before. And while there is a return to a sense of 0power in November, by December it should be obvious that things are about to change.

If your Personal Cycle is a 9 –

This is a true test of mental-emotional balance and spiritual maturity. The 8 Cycle is like a big Green Light. The 9 Cycle is a big Red Light. Stop and Go at the same time. Which do you obey? Both.

Overall, start nothing new – not a job, a project, a move or a marriage. In fact, if you are in a 9 Cycle in 2015, and you know the planet will go into a 9 Cycle in 2016, that means for two years you start nothing new. The drive is to become more of a master at what you are already doing, or some aspect of that.

And don't end anything in 2015. If something ends by itself, fine. Bless it and pass on. But anything you end will be premature, reactive.

This is a true test of self-mastery. Yes you can put extra power into ongoing projects and plans. Take the green light when it strengthens a place you are already tracking on.

But don't use the 8 to tempt you to go off course in a new direction It simply won't work, not for very long. (What starts in a 9 cycle often ends in a 9 cycle.)

Many good things will come from this situation. Look at things you were doing in 2014 and make then work even better. Some of those carry-over things may appear to be ending in your 9 cycle, but if you don't push them away or take action to end them, they may revive in your 10 cycle in 2016, even reclaim a place of importance in your life.

And if anything new comes into view in this 9 year, smile on it but don't take it too seriously.. See where it is at the end of the year. Then you will know if it is for real going forward with you.

Chose a yoga practice that steadies you and carries you throughout the year. Emphasize the nervous system where you can. Do a heartbeat meditation. Forcefully chant the 33rd pauri/verse (“Akhan Jor”) of the Japji morning prayer to stabilize yourself. It will help you to be unattached to outcomes at this time.

Most importantly, Don't change jobs unless its to do something better or more of what you have been doing; don't change homes though you can fix one up; and don't drop a serious relationship, though be prepared that one may drop you.

If your Personal Cycle is a 10 –

You will want to forge ahead but carefully. This new beginning may fire you up too quickly and you won't be prepared to handle it well. Focus on the summer months to make the most progress and then by sometime in September, prepare for the coming onset of the planetary 9 Cycle in 2016 (that' like winter after the harvest of the planetary 8 Cycle this year).

Your independence is building against the background of the Green Light flipping to a Red Light.

Start a new yoga/meditation routine focused on Sat Kriya and the long Ek Ong Kar chant.

If your Personal Cycle is a 2/11 –

Partnership will be on your mind but this year will bring you more than one choice. Because of the Planetary 8 Cycle, everything risky and radiant may attract you. The affect of the planetary cycle will be to tempt you to throw caution to the winds.

The “stop-start” button on relationships will work overtime. You get frequent new insights on your partner that make deciding about them quite difficult.

Though this is a cycle in which many people marry or divorce, it is actually not the wisest thing to do either at this time as new information on this person continues to come in.

There is a negative mind, risk-assessing aspect in this year that you do need to heed. If something in you says “no,” listen carefully to it.

Overall, in terms of partnership potential, stop focusing on daydreams and go for the real. However, if you want to consummate a relationship with commitment such as marriage, do so by September or it might not last.

Throughout this year, you can make important gains in your spiritual lifestyle and advance your intuition. Start a new yoga/meditation routine focused on “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” chant. If in partnership, begin tandem Kirtan Kriya sitting side by side. Partnership will only work if there is a strong spiritual bond within each of you and between you.

If your Personal Cycle is a 3 –

Your focus will shift a lot during the year, and anything that has bling or pizazz will dazzle you! New ideas come (and go) so don't cling to them or count on them for anything other than momentary interest. Take up some creative art form, do community service, help out someone who is in need and you will love your life more. The effect of the planetary 8 will be to tempt you to hop from one thing to another, taking on far too much and building stress, dissatisfaction and depression.

Instead, build a balance between your social life, your work and your meditative time. Keep mantras playing in your home where you can hear them and sing along.

Most importantly, take nothing serious until the second half of the year. In fact, get past June and most of July. What seems real in August, see if it is still important in October. That will be a sign it is something worth pursuing. But the true life plan for you will emerge in 2016. What happens in October is just an early indicator.

Sometime in the first half of the year start a new meditative practice focusing on 40 days of Kirtan Kriya, at least for 40 days and perhaps even fore 90. It will help release old karma. For yoga do any set that builds the pranic or auric field.

If your Personal Cycle is a 4 –

Your mind wants to put a new plan together and you will have several opportunities during the year to do that. However, because the 8 Cycle puts you and the rest of the planet in “over-drive,” you could find yourself having trouble completing the plan. Every day there might be a new idea so you put other things on hold. You could see things fragment and so you scatter your power.

If your cycle is a 4 that comes from a 13, beware of being enchanted by others' stories, fictions and fantasies – as well as by your own! Get to the truth of yourself, the truth behind what others are saying. There re times you will be fooled.

Just keep putting your action plan together. Month after month bright new ideas will come – see if and where they fit or are they distractions?

Start a daily Guru Ram Das Chant with a hand position that calms the mind (show them a couple). For yoga, chose a set that balances the mind. Left to right alternating nostril breathing is helpful to balance the hemispheres.

If your Personal Cycle is a 5 –

You must get active this year – move joints and limbs. Walking is fine and it must be daily. Yoga is even better. Learn Breathwalk ® and make it your regular fun time with yourself outdoors.

This cycle requires you to be balanced and flexible, both physically and mentally. The plan you thought you put together and understood the prior year will be changing. In fact in this cycle you may feel nothing is solid. So make no firm decisions as the ground under you is shifting, at times shaky.

Check your priorities (what's important to you) several times during the year to make sure you are up to date with yourself, your needs and wants.

The effect of the planetary 8 Cycle will be to accelerate you in erratic ways and throw you off balance. Remember that you have a gear shift and you will need to shift down often and come back up slowly. Balance, pacing and flexibility are options you can consciously affect.

Modify your yoga practice to emphasize flexibility and the spine. Do the Prosperity Meditation with “Har Har Har Har Gobinde” and do 5 navel pulls on each line. Do any breath meditation for 7 minutes each day.

If your Personal Cycle is a 6 –

This is the time to find and establish your sacred space, your home, and make it so you and your heart are happy there. You may consider partnership, and you may move or redesign your home.

This is the time to build your sanctuary and discover who else will be comfortable with you in it. Don't make quick, foolish commitments and invite in strangers. March and December can look as if home or the person sharing it with you isn't working. Don't buy into it-- these are short-term and not necessarily lasting conclusions.

The effect of the planetary 8 cycle may be to make you more foolish in your commitments. Slow down and build a friendship first.

Build heart energy with the “Sat Kartar” meditation. Do Kirtan Kriya with hands folded over your heart. Set up a small prayer space in your home and spend time there each day, in prayer and meditation.

If your Personal Cycle is a 7 –

This is the year you will most want to be distant from social happenings. Yet you will feel your aloneness at times to the max. Everything and everyone may look controlling, but that issue is truly inside you!

The effect of the planetary 8 Cycle will be to add a level of doubt and confusion, as the Green Light of the 8 will be overshadowed by the cautionary Yellow Light of the 7. This is not an in-built opposition. It is a time full of opportunity to witness and gain consciously from seeing the accelerator of the 8 operating in your life while enjoying your powers of observation from your 7.

Meditate with sound (mantra), not in silence. Listen to your own voice and hear it as the voice of the Divine. Drop the doubt. Take frequent time-outs, enjoy brief retreats, but be careful not to withdraw into your mental cave. Meditation is key here.

In November you will be tempted to drop/end something. Don't. Wait until January, even February to be sure you are making the right decision.

Do a Breathwalk meditation daily and enjoy nature. Let the sounds of the Infinite (chanting “sa-ta-na-ma/wahe guru” as you walk) blend with the sounds of birds, the wind.

Spend time by a body of water, preferably moving water. At the very least, run a small tabletop fountain in the room where you meditate each day. Do yoga sets for the magnetic field and nervous system. “Grace of God” meditation is best – 40/90/120 days. Or sing some beautiful version of the old hymn “Amazing Grace.” Experience yourself as this amazing person of grace.

Above all else, in every cycle, know that God didn't goof when S/He made you. You are the best you!

Love and blessings,

S.S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
December 30, 2014

(©2014 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa. The Blessings Code™ is a trademark of Sangeet Kaur Khalsa)