2018 Numerology Forecast Event With Sangeet Kaur Khalsa -December 29, 2017

2018 NUMEROLOGY FORECAST with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
FRIDAY DECEMBER 29, 2017 (6-8:30 pm at Anahata Yoga Studio)
Discover How to Get the Best Out of The New Year!

Sat Nam, My Dear Yoga Family and Friends,full room of students with sangeet 450x300Sangeet delivers the 2017 Forecast.
We outgrew the living room!

This event is a Special Year-End Class that I have delivered each New Year for many years so everyone can get a “heads up” on the numerology trends of the coming year and learn what gifts and challenges their new annual cycle holds for each of you. It has become so popular that I can no longer hold this gathering in my home.

So this is the first time I am presenting this class at Anahata. No knowledge of numerology is necessary!

You'll easily learn your 2018 Personal Annual Cycle and what that can mean for you – for your job and finances, your love life and family, business relationships, your potential for success and how best to focus your spiritual practice. Then you'll see how your cycle can be affected by the shift to the new Planetary Cycle of 11.

That brings a high spiritual year for all of us, yet it can also be a year with spiritual and relationship challenges.

First, you'll learn the Personal Annual Cycle you’re in, or anyone important to you is in. Then we'll discover the Planetary Cycle which has an enormous influence over your Personal Cycle. The interplay of these two cycles, personal and planetary, determines the opportunities that will come to you in the New Year as well as the challenges. I’ll also give you some practical resources and remedies that bring strength to each person’s cycle – simple things you can do.chart 300x400One of Sangeet's many revealing charts from her 2017 Forecast!

I’ve been using and developing this ancient system brought to the West by Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan for nearly 30 years. As I have expanded the basic teachings, the evolved system has become widely known as Blessings Code® Numerology. I teach numerology classes and serve the needs of personal and business clients across North America and beyond who regularly consult with me.

As a Master Numerologist and Senior Lead Trainer in Kundalini Yoga, I will give tips for securing the best outcomes in 2018 for yourself using yoga, breath, and meditations.

Come gather with me and prepare to build your resources so you can get the best out of the coming year!

Blessings to you always!

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

Date: Friday December 29, 6 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Anahata Yoga, 14148 N 100th St., Suite C-130, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (Tap for Map)
Fee: $29 Register on Anahata's website: AnahataYogaAZ.com