Blessings Code Numerology Review Sept. 14, 2013

==> Live Broadcast Begins Saturday September 8 at 9am (Click for current Arizona time) <==

Sat Nam and Welcome everyone to today's Blessings Code Review Workshop with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa.

Please note, we are testing a new "streaming" service today and all you Apple fans should be able to watch on your iPads and iPhones. And Android fans we have a temporary work-around for you -just click on the faint text just below the lower left corner of the video box (the text reads: "Video Not Playing? Click Here"). This should give you a video box that will work on your Android device.

Please check in to the workshop by posting a message in the "chat" box to the right. Use your name followed by your city like this: "Cindy in Chicago" so that we know who you are! Our on-line support person today is Kewal Kaur. You can ask her questions in the chat box such as "Huh? What did Sangeet just say?" and technical support ones, too. Enjoy the meditation! For emergency technical support if nothing is working, send a text to Hari Nam (602-501-6689) with your phone number, and Kewal Kaur will call you back.

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Womanheart Healing Retreat for Women is October 17-20, 2013 and is being held at a very special place -Arcosanti- in Arizona, about one hour north of Phoenix. The theme this year is "Woman Invincible!".

Blessings Code Numerology Review is Saturday September 14th. It is for students that have already taken Sangeet's beginner/intermediate or advanced classes in the past. It is a Great way to "freshen up" your skills. Held in Phoenix, Arizona. Enquire about joining our "live streaming" of the class if you live elsewhere.

Blessings Code Numerology Advanced had been moved to February, 2014.  The Saturday's class will focus on Relationships and Sunday's class will focus on Health and Happiness. Held in Phoenix, Arizona. Enquire about joining our "live streaming" of the classes if you live elsewhere.

Friends of Guru Simran Kaur -Many of you know long-time Womanheart Staff member, Healing Source volunteer, and Phoenix Gurdwara Akand Path coordinator Guru Simran Kaur. She has had many health challenges throughout her adult life, but she always had time to help each person, whether it was choosing a meditation based on your numerology, or getting a special time to "read from the Guru".  She is now managing "end-of-life" challenges and will soon be transitioning to Hospice of the Valley from her home across the street from the Phoenix Gurdwara.

She is dearly loved by the entire Sikh community, her family (who have come from the East coast to be with her), the Healing Source community and her "adopted" Native American family in Tucson, Arizona.

There are two ways to keep updated on Guru Simran Kaur: For "People Who Like Email" send an email to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." and request to be put on the list. OR for "People Who Like Text Messages" on their smart phone, text the word "gurusimran" (without the quotes) to 5558888 (normal text messaging rates apply). If you texted correctly, you will get a text reply thanking you for joining the update list usually within one to two minutes.

If you wish to mail Guru Simran Kaur, please address the envelope / package to:

Guru Simran Kaur
C/O The Healing Source, llc
POB 22045
Phoenix, Arizona 85028

She is not taking phone calls or visitors at this time. The best way to contact Guru Simran Kaur is through her email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Her neice Healther will read the emails to Guru Simran Kaur. Guru Simran Kaur always appreciates your kind prayers for herself and her "families".