Kirtan Kriya Meditation

Kirtan Kriya – “Saa Taa Naa Maa” (Karma Eraser)

This meditation awakens intuition and brings a total mental balance to the psyche. It builds and protects your grace as a woman, giving you the ability to know the right environments, the right people to associate with and how to maintain your true self in any situation.

The name “Kirtan Kriya” is defined as “divine music.” It acts as a karma eraser, wiping out the “yatta-yatta” in the mind which comes from our clutter of thoughts. The hand movement – touching the thumbs to each fingertip in sequence – activates the 10 centers of the brain and the basic body meridians, promoting health and mental awareness.

There are two versions shown here. The first is the classic and can be done by both men and women. The second is for women only – lying in the prone position, head resting on chin, activates a woman's moon centers and helps to balance her emotionality and hormonal flows.

Kirtan Kriya – The Classic

Asana: Sit in Easy Pose with hands resting on knees in Gyan Mudra.

Drishti: Eyes are closed, rolled up and looking out the Third Eye.


Saa Taa Naa Maa

Meditate at the Third Eye and chant the mantra. Each repetition takes 3-4 seconds. Set a steady pace.

Saa is Infinity/Existence, Taa is Birth/Life, Naa is Death, Maa is Rebirth/Transformation.Healing Source Kirtan Kriya Meditation -Easy Pose

At the sound of Saa, touch the tips of the index fingers to the tip of the thumbs. On Taa touch the tips of the middle fingers to the tips of the thumbs. On Naa touch the tips of the ring fingers to the thumb tips, and on Maa touch the tips of the pinky fingers to the thumb tips. Continue this sequence, always in this manner, never reversed. The touch should be firm enough to see the pink color come up under your nail.

This is chanted in “three voices,” as Yogi Bhajan called it.

For the first five minutes sing the chant with the voice of the human.

Next for 5 minutes chant in a strong whisper (voice of the lover).

Then for 10 minutes sit in silence (voice of the Divine). During the silence continue to chant mentally and play your fingers in the sequence given.

Then resume 5 minutes of whisper.

And finally, end with 5 minutes singing the mantra.

This is the classic 30-minutes cycle. It can also be done in an 18-minute cycle where the timing in minutes is divided 3-3-6-3-3 (sing, whisper, silent, whisper, sing).

To End: Inhale deeply, hold a few seconds, then exhale and relax.

Do this for no less than 40 days. Even better is 90 or 120 days. From the beginning of his teaching, this was often the first meditation that Yogiji gave new students. Sangeet did it the first time for 120 days.

Kirtan Kriya – For Women Only

Asana: Lie down on your stomach and close your eyes. Rest your chin or your mat or a thin piece of foam. Let your arms be back along your sides with the palms up.

Drishti: Eyes are closed, rolled up and looking out the Third Eye.

Mentally vibrate the sounds of Saa Taa Naa Maa as you touch your fingers. Do this the same way as described in “Kirtan Kriya – The Classic”. Listen to the vibration within and around you. Keep alert; don't drift. If you need to use a CD for support do so at a low level so the vibration is primarily yours.

To End: Inhale deeply, hold a few seconds, then exhale and relax. Do this for 11 minutes a day, preferably before going to sleep.

This meditation is from "Crossing The Crossroads of Consciousness -The 2015 Womanheart Manual" by Sangeet Kaur Khalsa and used with permission.
© 2016 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.
Photography © 2016 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa and Hari Nam Singh, All Rights Reserved.