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Yoga With Sangeet and Hari Nam "Building Water and Trust To Develop Our Intuitive Awareness"

This is a wonderful Kundalini yoga class that includes a meditation to develop trust, a yoga set for the kidneys, the meditation “Smiling Buddha Kriya, and concludes with Sangeet's relaxing gong. All of Sangeet's yoga classes are blessed with her authentic charm, humor, and experience!

This Morning's Yoga Class is Titled “Building Water and Trust”

[Ed. This is the original description. Even though the month of "February" is mentioned along with influences revealed by numerology, this class is great for any month. Enjoy!]

We're entering the 7 Month in the Earth’s Planetary Cycle and the 9 month in the cycle of the USA. Both are steadied by the water element, affecting the mind, the aura and the entire nervous system (both the 7 Energy Body). The goal is to develop our intuitive awareness.

In both cycles, this month of February brings challenges to the mind, strengthened by the water element and therefore needing to support trust in self.

Sangeet has chosen a set of breaths, yoga and meditation that will help us build these systems in strong directions.

The opening breath-meditation was taught in 1977 to develop self trust, or trust in the God-Self. It is only 3 minutes long and uses the “So-Hung” mantra with segmented breathing.

The Mantra
So Hung

The yoga set featured today is a simple set to develop the kidneys. Sangeet and Hari Nam lead us through several steps, ending in a beautiful “Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jeeo” chant.

The Mantra
Wahe Guru
Wahe Guru
Wahe Guru
Wahe Jeeo

Fun among the various steps is a version of “cat-cow” we call “stretching cat-cow.” And of course, the yoga set includes ever-enjoyable “crow” pose!

The closing meditation, while brief, is known as “Smiling Buddha Kriya” in which we expand into being the ecstasy of our own true selves. The mantra is Sa Ta Na Ma.

The Mantra
Sa Ta Na Ma

Sangeet concludes this class with a gentle gong meditation focusing on the energy bodies to help seal the benefits of this class while also releasing tension.

Be well and enjoy the class,

Sangeet and Hari Nam

(This yoga set was taught on February 1, 2021. The breath meditation is from the “Kriya” manual, yoga set from “Kundalini Yoga for Youth & Joy,” and meditation from “Kundalini Meditation Manual,” all published by KRI.)

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