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The "Siri Gaitri" Mantra Meditation (Raa Maa Daa Saa, Saa Say So Hung) (Full Moon Meditation on December 4, 2017)

Please Note: This video begins with Sangeet "Tuning In" with the "Adi Mantra", then giving her Insights about this Meditation followed by the "Siri Gaitri Mantra" meditation (31 minutes) and a "Relaxing Gong Layout" (about 14 minutes) then concludes with the "Longtime Sunshine" song.


Dear Friends, Sat Nam!

The Siri Giatri meditation, more informally known as the Raa Maa Daa Saa, Saa Say So Hung meditation, is often referred to as the Ultimate Healing Tool. It was first taught in the Summer of 1973 by Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan, and has been carried on by Kundalini Yoga teachers and students for over four decades since.

It is useful for healing others in all states of need, be it physical, mental and emotional, or spiritual. In this case, the hands are held out to the sides in an open position as shown here and explained below. It is equally effective for healing our selves, and the hand positions can be heart lock which is palms crossed across the heart center, palms facing in, with the left hand closest to the heart.

These eight basic sounds tap into the energies of the Sun, Moon, Earth, and the Infinite Spirit to bring deep healing. It is also a deep affirmation of the merger of the self and the Infinite.

Yogi Bhajan noted that this is one of the most powerful meditations as it unites Earth and Ether to heal.

It can be done by any one person alone, or in a group sitting in classroom style or in a circle. When using a circle it is also appropriate to have a few people lie in the center who wish to have healing energy directed towards them. They do not chant but simply close their eyes and relax. Those who carry the chant will also share in the healing energy and they can focus also on others to whom they wish to send the healing energy.

The chant is most appropriately done in one breath, though a pause between the two phrases is acceptable if you are unable to do it in one breath or are introducing new people to the practice as was done on this video.

This meditation can be done once to cover some immediate emergency or for any number of days you feel support is needed. Certainly a serious situation warrants a 40 day practice. An effective minimum time to chant is 11 minutes but it can also be done for 22 or 31 minutes as was chanted on this video.

How soon will it take effect? It begins immediately.

 Here's How To Do It:siri gaitri mantra meditation mudra 463x400

Asana: Sit on the floor in Easy Pose (legs crossed) or sit in a chair with feet flat on the floor. Remember to keep your spine straight during the meditation. Remember to engage a slight "neck lock" with the chin pulled back to straighten the cervical vertebrae.

Drishti and Pranayam: Eyes are closed and looking out the Third Eye point. The breath will adjust itself as you chant.

Mudra: Relax your arms and position them so they are bent at your sides with the palms facing upward as flat as possible without straining. Angle forearms in from the sides about 45 degrees while the upper arms rest firmly against the rib cage.

Siri Gaitri Mantra

Raa Maa Daa Saa
Saa Say So Hung

1. Sitting in Easy Pose or a chair, chant the Adi Mantra (the Tuning In mantra) three times.

2. Chant the “Siri Gaitri” mantra with this video or a capella. With the sound of the first Saa and again with the sound Hung pull the navel backwards powerfully. Let the sound of "Hung resonate clearly in the nasal passages.

Chant for 11, 22, or 31 minutes.

3. When the meditation has finished, powerfully and deeply inhale while raising arms above your head, and hold for 10-15 seconds. Powerfully and deeply exhale. Repeat inhale-hold-exhale once more with raised arms. Then lower your arms to your lap/knees and sit quietly. Feel the vibrations of the mantra in you and around you.

4. Finish by singing the “Longtime Sunshine” song followed by a Long Sat Nam.


This meditation brings an attunement of the self to the universe. It combines Earth (Raa Maa Daa) and Ether (Saa Say So Hung) with Saa as the linking energy.

Specifically, word for word, here are the meanings:

Raa Sun; Maa Moon; Daa –Earth; Saa Impersonal Infinity
Saa Thou; Saa Say –totality of Infinity; So –personal sense of merger and identity; Hung –the Infinite vibrating and real.

The phrase “So Hung” means “I am Thou.”

Taken altogether it is the projection of our individual soul and presence into the Infinity that calls on and commands the power of all creation to assist in the healing process for which we pray. It calls on the All to cover us all.

My prayer for all of you is that you do this meditation regularly for your loved ones, ones in need, and especially for yourself.

Bless you in all ways, always,


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