The Akaal Chant for Elevating the Soul During Transition

Please Note: In this audio recording Sangeet leads us in the Akaal chant meditative experience for elevating the soul at the time of death. This is followed by a beautiful protective mantra meditation. It is a meditation that you should know how to do and have at hand “just in case.


Dear Friends, Sat Nam!

In many ancient spiritual traditions it is known and taught that the longing of every soul, even before it leaves the body, is to make the journey to a place known by many names but most often just called Home.”

In the tradition of millions of Sikhs and Kundalini yoga students around the world, one such meditative practice is done as soon as possible after the soul has left the body. This is the sole use of the chant Akaal.

In a special service honoring the departed, the mantra-word Akaal may be chanted by a congregation 3, 5 or 11 times. In a practice dedicated to helping the soul rise, one person alone or a group of family and friends chant for a loved one using the Akaal sound repetitively for 11 minutes over 17 days. The sound translates into no death, deathless, immortal, timeless. It reminds the soul of its basic nature.

To sound the mantra properly there are only two syllables--uh-Kaal: the first is short and the second is drawn out with a long breath. A full and powerful inhale is required before each repetition.

The 17-day period of time, according to Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan, covers the time the soul stays within the earth's frequencies, clearing up and learning all that it can from its recently completed lifetime.

The chant itself helps the soul to rise from the heavier earth vibrations into a higher plane, perhaps elevating the soul between lifetimes or putting them on a brighter path for their next lifetime. The power of this chant can even give the soul a boost to leave the earth's electromagnetic field and enter the realms of the heavenly ethers.

To initiate this practice, chant out loud for 11 minutes (using this recording). Before each Akaal repetition take a full breath and the sounds will fully penetrate. This chant works not because of its meanings. It works because the combination of frequencies, the power of prana or life force delivered on the breath, and the love of the person chanting it all flow together in a mighty elevating wave for the soul.

Here's How To Do It

1. Tune In
Sit in Easy Pose (legs crossed) on your yoga mat or in a straight chair with palms of hands together in Prayer Pose at the heart center

2. Chant Akaal for 11 Minutes
Still sitting in Easy Pose, hands are in Gyan Mudra (thumbs and index fingers touch, resting on knees or lap).

The mantra is: Akaal (pronounced uh-KAAL)

3. Chant Kaal Akaal for 5 Minutes
Still sitting in Easy Pose, hands are crossed over the Heart Center, with left hand under.

This optional but very protective mantra is:
Kaal Akaal
(pronounced uh-KAAL).
Siri Kaal
Maha Akaal
Akaal Moorat

This mantra builds on the opposing forces of death (Kaal) and deathlessness (Akaal) and the undying, formless aspects of the soul's divinity (Akaal Moorat) to wrap protectively around animosity and seal it closed. It can even remove the threat of death.

4. Finish up with Longtime Sunshine Song
Remain in Easy Pose, with palms of hands together in Prayer Pose at the Heart Center.


This Akaal chant was recorded at the Womanheart® Woman's Retreat in the spring of 2003. Countless numbers of women who participated over the 25 years that Sangeet has led these Retreats have carried on this chant in the years since to help their family members and other loved ones make the journey from this life to the next. Over the years Sangeet has been told of many, many remarkable experiences from this Akaal meditation.

Special Thank You to Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa for permission to use after the Akaal chant his classic and always-loved Kal Akal chant from his CD Legacy Collection, Vol. 2 -Pavan Pavan.

Also a special Thank You for to Liv Singh Khalsa at for cleaning up the audio from the original video of the Womanheart 2003 Women's Retreat. Each year at Womanheart we use meditation music from Invincible Music so it is a great resource for you to add new music to your Kundalini Yoga Tool Kit!.

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