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Kundalini Yoga -"Reaching The Infinite Heart" A Special Class To Lift Heart And Mind As One With Yoga, Breath, And Meditation

Please Note: This video of a wonderful “Valentine's Day” Kundalini yoga class includes the pranayam Re-vitalizing The Heart Area, the yoga set Heart and Soul, the meditation Heart Shield Meditation and of course Sangeet's old world charm, Yogi Bhajan and personal stories, and humor!

Dear Friends, Sat Nam!

At several times this year there are periods when heart, mind and soul can link to rise to new levels of consciousnesses.

When these occur I see them as an arc of linked energy. At times, as in February, there were two weeks where this link gave us strength.

Now again in April, a 6 Planetary Cycle Month, this arc occurs to protect us from over-commitments and a weakened immune system. Later in the year I will point out other instances.

How do we capitalize on these arcs, now and in the future?

What do we do?

Addressing this opportunity in February I put together a special class that I taught on the 4th at Anahata Yoga Studio in Scottsdale that focused on building, protecting and projecting heart and mind energy.

This special class includes:

1) A Powerful Pranayam (breath exercise) with a heart-enervating mudra (hand/arm position),

2) A Strong Yoga Set for building heart and soul, including a heart-rising gong meditation, and

3) The “Heart Shield Meditation” that accomplishes all three aspects while chanting the powerful mantra: “Sat Narayan Wahe Guru, Hari Narayan Sat Nam.” The explanation I give about what this does and what the chant means expands on the basic definitions given in manuals.

I am pleased to offer you this powerful class in the accompanying video above.

Commit to using this video several times throughout the remainder of April. If you can’t do the whole class on some days, at least “Tune In” with the Adi Mantra and do the “Heart Shield Meditation,” ending with the “Longtime Sunshine” song. This is an urgent request!

You came to make a difference in the progress of your soul and in the progress of this world. Don’t miss this opportunity to do just that! Your soul and the heavens will thank you.

In the future, doing this class will support you at times when your heart energy is low or you are stuck in emotional reactions.

In my “yoga toolkit”, Reaching The Infinite Heart is a “forever class.”

Bless you in all ways, always,


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