Grace of God Meditation -Building A Woman's Radiance (Complete Practice with Intro Talk)

Please Note: The version of the video below contains Sangeet's Introduction To The Meditation talk, followed by "Tuning In" with the "Adi Mantra", followed by the "Grace of God" meditation (about five minutes) and concludes with the "Longtime Sunshine" song.

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This meditation, given originally by Yogi Bhajan for women, has the power to magnetize your aura and to tip it in gold. It builds the inner grace, strength, and radiance of each woman. Sangeet has been teaching this meditation to women for 25 years at her Womanheart® women's yoga retreats. In her counselor capacity, Sangeet has prescribed this to many men.

Do it twice a day for 40 days and see how you have changed! Do it for 1000 days and become the graceful, noble woman you were born to be. The men in your life will become devoted to you and the women and children will see you as divine and love to be in your healing presence.

We invite men to do this chant as well, alone or with other men and women. When a man does this meditation he chants “I am IN THE Grace of God.” So his aura is covered as well by Divine grace.

In Step #2 (below), focus on the qualities of each finger as you raise it and chant. The qualities of each finger are:

Pinky (Mercury): communications, decision-making
Ring (Sun): physical health, beauty, grace
Middle (Saturn): channel emotion to devotion, patience
Index (Jupiter): wisdom, expansion, open to change
Thumb: positive ego

Asanas: Various.

Drishti: Eyes closed throughout.

grace of god meditation laying on back 375x1681. Lie on your back in Corpse Pose with your arms by your sides, palms up, eyes closed. Breathe long and deep with the navel. Then inhale, hold, and mentally chant 10 times:

(women) “I am Grace of God”

(men) “I am IN THE Grace of God”

Exhale, hold the breath out, and chant the phrase again 10 times. Continue this process, using your fingers to keep track, until you have completed five inhale cycles and five exhale cycles for a total of 100 repetitions of “I am Grace of God” (men - “I am IN THE Grace of God”).

grace of god meditation seated 153x2002. Next, keeping your eyes closed, come sitting up straight. Rest your right hand on your right knee, fingers in Gyan Mudra.

Bend your left arm at the elbow at your side, left palm facing forward as if taking an oath.

Now take a big inhale, put tension into the pinky finger, while focusing on its qualities, and chant the phrase aloud 5 times. Repeat this for each of the other four fingers, while focusing on their qualities.

Focus on the thumb last. To finish, take a big inhale, put tension into all five fingers, then relax.

To End: Sit in a meditative posture or lie down for a few minutes and hear the sounds reverberating within and around you.

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