Akal Maha Kal Mantra Meditation

Dear Family and Friends,

This 11 minute mantra-meditation is perfect for these times. It is quite powerful and rarely done. It will bring a renewal of innocence and dispel fear from the personality to allow healing on all levels. The ancient teachings tell us that with constant practice, even as brief as 11 minutes a day, chanting this mantra will assist you and those in your family to live in peace to a ripe old age.

The mantra we will be chanting in this meditation is “Akal Maha Kal.”

It brings together the “undying” nature of the soul – “Akal” – with the life led in remembrance of God which brings us to “Maha Akal” – a “great death” that is said to happen when one dies at the feet of God. From that place the soul travels to its heavenly home. So it was written by Saint Kabir, “to die such a death at the feet of God one never has to die again.”

The Mantra
Akal Maha Kal

Everlasting great death

Asana (posture)
Sit in easy pose or in a chair, hands crossed at the wrists across the chest at the heart center. For reference, see the picture of Sangeet demonstrating the posture at the top of the music player above. Remember to pull your chin back slightly (in yoga this is called “neck lock”).

Drishti (eye position)
Focus at the top of the head (the crown) while expanding your sight to embrace also the back of your head, which is called the “back door of the third eye.”

Chant this mantra out loud and from the center of your head. End the meditation with a deep inhale, hold the breath for 15 seconds and exhale. Repeat this again and stretch your arms up over your head, spreading your fingers wide. Then relax. Chant for 11, 31 or 62 minutes. A daily practice would be 11 minutes long and could be for 40 days or longer.

The music player at the top of this page has three “songs.” The first “song” is “Tuning In” that is traditionally used to begin a meditation. The second “song” is “The Akal Maha Kal Mantra Meditation” and is 11 minutes long. The third “song” is the traditional way we end a meditation -by singing the “Longtime Sunshine” song.

In dedicating ourselves to a Divinely-inspired life one can live a long life to go beyond karma and walk our destiny path.

As you chant this, remember you are sending waves of healing to yourself, your family and your whole community. This is great service we all do tonight. The heavens will reward you.

The meditation music was created by us (Sangeet and Hari Nam Singh) and combines Sangeet chanting, playing her beloved Symphonic Gong and “Pink Angel” Crystal Bowl tuned to the vibration of A.

We are pleased to share this special meditation with you.

Bless you in all ways, always!

Sangeet and Hari Nam
October 23, 2020

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