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Meditation on RAMA -Balancing Sun & Moon Energies (Meditation Only)

Please Note: The version of the video below is of Sangeet just chanting the "RAMA" meditation (about 11 minutes).

TAP for the "Complete Practice" Version of this Video

This version of the Meditation on RAMA video is about 11 minutes long and intended to be used during your Kundalini Yoga Sadhana (daily practice) after you've already "Tuned In" and just want to get to the meditation.

It does not have "Tuning In" or "Longtime Sunshine" song since those are part of your Sadhana anyway.

The "Complete Practice" version of the video is a good place to start if this is your first time with this meditation. It is intended to be used as a complete self-contained Kundalini Yoga practice since it begins with "Tuning In", followed by the "RAMA" meditation, and then concludes with the "Longtime Sunshine Song." It also has written details on how to do the meditation. We think you will find it very helpful!

Sangeet's original Blog Post on this meditation is HERE.

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