The Mul Mantra -A Rare And Certain Journey to Self-Elevation

Dear Family and Friends,

Please read my message and instructions below the video and audio before playing either. Things will make more sense!

I've had many requests to make this meditation a “general” meditation for everyone to do. So here it is!

This was the meditation we did for 2-1/2 hours for the “Journey to Brahm Prakash” meditation on April 20, 2020.

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"Sat Narayan" Meditation To Reclaim Your Peaceful Presence

 Please Note: In this audio recording Sangeet leads us in a strong and powerful meditation chant using the Chotay Pad” mantra. This mantra is also known by its opening line, the Sat Narayan mantra. Chant this meditation to bring peace within and beyond by bringing up the light of clear and positive mind.

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Kundalini Yoga -"Reaching The Infinite Heart" A Special Class To Lift Heart And Mind As One With Yoga, Breath, And Meditation

Please Note: This video of a wonderful “Valentine's Day” Kundalini yoga class includes the pranayam Re-vitalizing The Heart Area, the yoga set Heart and Soul, the meditation Heart Shield Meditation and of course Sangeet's old world charm, Yogi Bhajan and personal stories, and humor!

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