A Letter of Gratitude from Sangeet to All of You!

sangeet kaur khalsa 80 birthday DSCF0143 600x400Dearly Beloved Healing Source Family,

My heart overflows with such profound gratitude to all of you – to those who helped us organize my wonderful 80th birthday party, to all who contributed and supported the Seva Project in creating that great Scholarship Fund for me, to all who attended the party, to all who wrote to me on Facebook and Instagram or by email and to all of you who have put me in their prayers.

“To give is to live and to live is to give” is a line from a song we often sang when prompted by the Master, Yogi Bhajan. So important to remember that message. He told us so any times, “Giving is the only living.”

It has long been known by the ancients that our highest wealth comes from what we give – our selfless deeds of giving and helping others – and they are all written in the Akashic Records, “the good book” as many know it. These accounts are never forgotten. Those written there are worthy of eternal praise. These deeds help to open the doorway of the heavens to each of us.

So many of you who attended the party wished me a long life – to live to 100 or 120. I smiled and responded, “I wish to live only as long as I am useful and able to serve others.”

I am humbled by your love and caring. Kudos to you organizers – Judi & Jon (Devi Chandra Kaur and Devi Chander Singh), Siri Narayan Kaur, Tarn Devi Kaur, Kewal Kaur, Cheryl Coldwell, and all your helpers. The winning team of organizers for the venue were superb – Stacey and Judith.

Our emcees did a great job, real pros – Tanaya (Tara Kaur) and hubby Josh (Subagh Jot Singh).

Our presenters were the best – Sarb Nam Kaur from Connecticut, Dr. Siri Chand Kaur Khalsa, Chaplain Amar Atma Singh Khalsa, and Ronee Kipnes (Amarjot Kaur).

I am so grateful to Amarjot who set up the magnificent scholarship fund for me through The Seva Project. Any fund-raiser she does, please do your best to support it. The funds I received will be used to edit, design and produce The Blessings Code Numerology book – finally!

Kudos also to our crack photography team – Hari Nam Singh on the lead video-camera and Yaakoff Molho on backup camera, and dear Jon Heinrich (Devi Chander Singh) giving us great still shots. Soram Singh/Manny Lode handling specialized sound needs so well and Matthew Klejwa become the master of lighting!

Now let’s back up from the present moment and give love and hugs to the many who joined us at the party who were also critically important a year ago in my long hospital stay, post-surgery recovery and return to health.

They were almost all there at my 80th birthday party. I might not have been at that party had it not been for them!

Among those closest for long hours every day were Amar Atma Singh and Dr. Siri Chand who were powerful in their knowledge and medical support, beloved Sadhana Kaur whose presence was so precious, and special helper Danell (Karampal Kaur). Amarjot Kaur was with me daily and her spirit and presence of mind greeted medical staff and helped me make an important decision about rehab.

Lending her medical acumen from afar was Dr. Arjan Deva Kaur from Corpus Christi, Texas – also present at the party with her husband Dr. Sachraj Singh.

Also important at that trying time in the hospital – and he was with us at the birthday party – was my long-time dear friend from our New York days of the ‘80s, Jerome Landau (Hari Inder Singh). He brought blessings of peaceful sleep one difficult night with the Buddhist relics he placed on my crown. And then he set up the fund to which so many of your contributed – that helped me get through the lengthy recovery.

Ever present day and night - sleeping next to me in the most uncomfortable chairs! – was my dear husband, Hari Nam Singh. He even made Yogi Tea and kitcherie for the guests who came to visit me. I make it day by day with him by my side.

Reiki Masters I have trained who live afar also came to the party – they made a critical difference during those post-surgery weeks – Dhanwant Kaur from Long Island, Nimrita Kaur from Oklahoma and Sarb Nam Kaur from Connecticut. Contributing to the local-based Reiki healing team was also Reiki Master Ardas Kaur.

My beloved Osteopath team was also there – Dr. Susan Del Sordi, Dr. Amar Kaur and Dr. Melchiorra Mangiaracina.

Others in my family who brought me cheer at the hospital and who were also present at the party included Meher Kaur Khalsa and Shant Kaur Khalsa, our always caring Jaslean Idnani, and Siri Chand’s dear mother, Ann Roberts from Denver.

I rush to thank also several who were important in my hospital stay but who could not attend the party – among them, Saibhung Kaur, Jaskaram Singh, Narinder Kaur, and Sat Nam Kaur/Rebecca.

Present at the party from my surgical team was Dr. Betsy Kantor, my so-caring anesthesiologist. Not able to be present was my brilliant neuro-surgeon Dr. Vikram Kumar and my crack pulmonologist, Dr. Bridget Ronan who consulted then and follows up with me even now.

From my viewpoint, the saints in the heavens sent these earthly saints to carry me through those long weeks of challenge. They continue their support to this day. I am grateful to you all! We all know the expression, “It takes a village.” Well I can surely say it takes a country, and it takes the heavens pulling for each of us as well.

At the close of my talk at the party, I was overwhelmed by your standing ovation. I thank all of you and pray that you realize how the saints in the heavens that support me are here for each of you. That is the real truth, the take-away I pray all of you got!

You are all gifts to me and you are all gifts on this earth!

Published 6/15/19. ©2019 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa. All Rights Reserved.