Journey to Brahm Prakash -Wednesday June 22, 2022 (31 Minute Meditation)

Sat Nam Everyone and Welcome to Tonight's
Journey to Brahm Prakash Meditation

Led by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

Date & Time: Wednesday June 22, 2022, 5 p.m. PST (Click for Current Arizona Time)
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Meeting ID: 883 0515 3434
Passcode: 452852
Class Fee: Suggested Donation of $11. Thank you!

Journey to Brahm Prakash Meditation

Dear Friends & Family,

Sangeet is leading this special live-stream-only class as she and Hari Nam Singh re-open and bless their home yoga studio and dedicate it for a new year of classes.

This is one of my favorite meditations and is just perfect for this Brahm Prakash. The meditation we'll chant for 31 minutes is the Ardas Bhaee meditation affectionately known as “the prayer that answers all prayers”even the prayers you do not even know to pray!

So write down your list of prayers and have it with you as we do this meditation together Wednesday night.

Asana: Sit on the floor in Easy Pose (legs crossed, hands resting on knees in Gyan Mudra or in lap) or sit in a chair (with hands resting on thighs in Gyan Mudra or in lap) and do your best to keep a straight spine and feet flat on the floor.

Drishti and Pranayam: Ideally the eyes are focused on the tip of the nose throughout. They can also be closed and rolled up to the Third Eye Point. The breath will adjust itself as you chant.

Mudra: Relax your upper arms by the sides of your rib cage and bring the hands up to the level of the heart. Interlace the fingers with a grip somewhat tighter than normal. [Note: For ladies interlace the fingers so that the left thumb rests on top of the right thumb. For men this is reversed, with the right thumb on top of the left.]


Ardas Bhaee
Amar Das Guru
Amar Das Guru
Ardas Bhaee

Ram Das Guru
Ram Das Guru
Ram Das Guru
Sachee Sahee


The first line of the first verse literally means “Prayer is granted!” and we have that assurance from Guru Amar Das. The second verse attests to the fact that Guru Ram Das puts his stamp of approval on it.

After the meditation will be relaxation time while Sangeet sweetly plays her gongs.

Sangeet and Hari Nam are currently looking for a locale for regular classes where everyone can attend in person and also live stream for those of you in other states.

Until then Sangeet and Hari Nam’s future classes will be live-streamed. Their yoga classes will of course, include yoga, breath, meditation, gong relaxation, and a look into the numerology affecting us at this time.

Bless you all!

Sangeet Kaur and Hari Nam Singh

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