Journey to Brahm Prakash -Wednesday June 19, 2019 (2-1/2 Hour Meditation)

Sat Nam Everyone and Welcome to Tonight's
Journey to Brahm Prakash Meditation

Led by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

Date & Time: Wednesday June 19, 2019. You Can Chant to This Pre-Recorded Audio Meditation anytime through midnight June 21st.
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Sangeet's Message About Tonight's Journey to Brahm Prakash Meditation

Dearly Beloved Healing Source Family,

Our Master Meditation tonight is totally online – a re-broadcast of last month’s powerful meditation.

As I announced at the May 19th meditation, we will be continuing tonight the same chant known as “The Master’s Touch Meditation.”

This will enable us to glean maximum rewards in this month of June (a 9 Cycle month) where our practices can move us from mystery or fear of the unknown into a enlightened state of self-mastery. That is the goal of this specific meditation.

This meditation invokes the power of the touch of the Master in you, linking you initially with the presence of our beloved teacher Yogi Bhajan and eventually awakening in you the Master Within along with the full sensory ability of the touch of the Master.

June is the 9 Cycle Month, a period to perfect mastery. July brings us to new beginnings and re- newed energy for the year. So what we do tonight, together, will help this important turning make the rest of this year successful for us.

Ideally this meditation can be done for 2-1/2 hours a day for 1,000 days to achieve its goal, giving you the touch of the Master. Making this commitment to chant this meditation for roughly 40 days is a good start in that direction.

The following description is taken from the KRI website and reflects the descriptions given by Yogi Bhajan in a beautiful lecture when he taught it on July 13th, 2000.

Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh (neck lock). Sit very saintly, like you are the greatest incarnation of Lord Buddha.

2019 06 june 19 journey to brahm prakash masters touch mudra 309x400Place the pad (finger print) of the right index finger (Jupiter finger) on the pad of the left index finger, right palm facing out from the body, left palm facing in towards the body, forming a 45 degree angle of the fingers pointing upwards. Other fingers are curled into the palms with thumbs over.
Hold the mudra at the Heart Center, shoulders relaxed.

The eyes are slightly open, focused at the tip of the nose.

Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Hai Bhee Sach, Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach

This mantra translates as: "Primal Truth, True for all Time, True at this Instant, Oh Nanak, Forever True."

It should be chanted in a monotone. The "suchhh" sound is emphasized as you pull the navel in on each repetition of the word. As you chant aloud, listen with your inner ear. Let the inner ear vibrate. Tune your inner ear so that the hammering of the hammer bones enables your brain to analyze the sound as you hear it.

To End
Inhale, hold the breath. Exhale, relax the mudra and the breath. Rest in Easy Pose and Gyan Mudra for 1 – 2 minutes.
Yogi Bhajan had much to say about the inestimable value of chanting this mantra, written by Guru Nanak in his morning prayer, Jaap Sahib.

“As an apprentice to this process, you offer yourself in surrender to receive the Master's Touch. You stand on the root of the tree like a little bear, who reaches up to hold the trunk and climbs to the top-most branch to get to the beehive, unaware of bee stings, intent on getting the honey.

“He drinks the honey, is satisfied, and descends to the ground, falling through the branches which break his fall. After stretching and nurturing himself, the little bear remembers the taste of honey and the sense of achievement. He goes up the tree again and again, reaching that achievement in ecstasy, and nothing else matters.

“Life is a lie if you do not achieve your Self for yourself. That is your honey, your sweetness. You must achieve Infinity where your identity is such a non-identity that it merges in Everything. Once you are that, you bless everybody. You are honored and in bliss, limitless, with no confinement, no territory, no demands, no requests.

“In this process, you provoke, offer, surrender, achieve, and descend. Provoke, because everything is provocation, either to control or to receive. Offer, because you must decide how to offer, or present yourself. Surrender, because when you surrender, your working self becomes zero, shuniya. Surrender is the highest power to gain all that you want to gain.

This mantra will give you the power of the Master's Touch. And when you perfect this mudra with the Jupiter fingers touching, chanting the mantra in one sitting for 2-1/2 hours, one tenth of your day, it will bring you this Touch. There is no power or magic on this planet that can stop it. It has a permutation, combination, projection and power which brings the entire Prakirti, the Existence, into the being of Purkha, the Divinity.”

I pray that you will take steps to adopt this practice, in some measure, and live in the experience it brings.

Bless you in all ways always,

Note: You can order the "official" monotone chant from Guru Ram Das Center For Medicine & Humanology HERE (the CD is titled "Aad Such) and their description of this meditation is HERE. This is the CD we're playing for tonight's meditation.

Date & Time: Wednesday June 19, 2019. You Can Chant to This Pre-Recorded Meditation anytime through midnight June 21st.
Live Broadcast: This is a SPECIAL EDITION that is Pre-Recorded (there is no "live broadcast" today).

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