Journey to Brahm Prakash -Monday June 18, 2018 (2-1/2 Hour Meditation)

Sat Nam Everyone and Welcome to Tonight's
Journey to Brahm Prakash Meditation

Led by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

Date & Time: Monday June 18, 2018, You Can Chant to This Pre-Recorded Meditation anytime through June 23rd.
Live Broadcast: This is a SPECIAL EDITION that is Pre-Recorded (there is no "live broadcast" today).
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PLEASE NOTE: As Sangeet is still recuperating from her recent month-long hospital stay, she will not be available to lead this meditation in person. Therefore, Sangeet and Hari Nam created this Pre-Recorded Meditation for tonight, based on the Brahm Prakash she delivered in October 2017.

What’s different here tonight is that you have both Sangeet’s 10-minute introductory video (first clickable box) about the importance of this mantra and how to do it as well as the full meditation sound track (the box below the video). In this way you can chant along with the whole group for a fuller experience.

Sangeet suggests that you enjoy the introductory video first and then go to the sound track which starts by “Tuning in” with the Adi Mantra, then has the whole 2-1/2 hour chant, closing with the “Longtime Sunshine Song.” To start the sound track click the Play button (the familiar circle with the triangle in it).

The video and meditation will be available for you and any others you would like to send to this site until midnight of June 23rd.

Meditation Details Are Below.

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Sangeet's Message About Tonight's Journey to Brahm Prakash Meditation

Dear Friends, Sat Nam!

Tonight's meditation is a GREAT meditation to do when your prayers really need to work for you. Doing this, you become your prayer. Your radiance of compassion and heart-centered presence truly work on your behalf!

“Isht” is the concrete realization of God. “Sodhana” purifies or straightens you out so that you have the concrete realization of you, the God, the Divine.

The three phrases in this chant describe and awaken your Divine place in the Universe as an infinite soul in a finite form, living on finite Earth. It brings the Earth and the Heavens together with the compassionate heart center of the great “master of miracles” Guru Ram Das. Described below, the visualizations and hand/arm movements deeply activate your enlightened self-realization.

Yogi Bhajan loved this mantra. He told us

“My dear ones, you want your prayers to be effective.

You want your ultimate destiny to manifest.

This kriya can do it.

I know there are thousands of kriyas that we do, but it just takes one done well and this is the one for isht sodhana to manifest.”

The form of this chant is both a declaration and a salutation (as in “I salute”) and the realization of Divine Self emerges.

This meditation can also give you the frequency to manifest your intentions, directed by your intuition as a sadhu. To obtain such a power (classically known as a Siddhi), do the meditation at sunset for 31 minutes for 40, 90, 120 days.

The instructions for doing this meditation are simple: 

Asana: Sit on the floor in Easy Pose (legs crossed, hands resting on knees in Gyan Mudra or in lap) or sit in a chair (with hands resting on thighs in Gyan Mudra or in lap) and do your best to keep a straight spine. During the chant you can remain in Gyan Mudra or engage in the arm movements described below.

Drishti and Pranayam: Eyes focus on the tip of the nose throughout. Let the breath adjust itself as you chant.

Mantra: Note -the word Hai is pronounced heh

Dharti Hai
Akash Hai
Guru Ram Das Hai


Earth Is!
The Heavens Are!
Guru Ram Das Is!

As I describe in my video introduction, this chant is done in a traditional “three-voices” style – opening for a long section with everyone using their singing voice which Yogi Bhajan called the “voice of the human,” followed by a shorter section with the whisper voice which he called the “voice of the lover,” then going into a silent section where the mantra is repeated mentally. He called this the “voice of the Divine.” Then we reverse the process, going from silent to whisper and ending with the singing voice. The depth of this meditation done this way is profound.!

isht sodhana mantra kriya meditation 3 photo montage hand movements 566x300Visualization and Arm Movements:

Dharti Hai  Visualize from your navel down a soft gray blanket, the dust of the Earth on which the feet of saints have walked. Your arms and hands are straight, angled downward by your sides. (Left figure in illustration.)

Akash Hai  See from your eyebrows up the bright rich blue of the Heavens, vast and unlimited. Your arms and hands sweep upward to 60 degrees, palms facing each other. (Middle figure in illustration.)

Guru Ram Das Hai  Bend your arms and bring them inward to fold hands over your heart, with the left hand under. Visualize and bask in the great white light of this compassionate master, Guru Ram Das. Let that light penetrate both the gray and the blue. (Right figure in illustration.)

While doing this, hold the visualization of all aspects – the gray, the blue and the pure white light. Immerse yourself in the chant.

isht sodhana mantra kriya meditation easy pose 227x300Optional Mudra: While this series of moving mudras was taught originally at a Summer Solstice Yoga Festival as directed by Yogi Bhajan, it has also been given with Gyan Mudra, hands resting on the knees with the tips of both thumbs and index fingers touching in little circles.

Here's How To Do It:

1. Sitting in Easy Pose or a chair, chant the Adi Mantra (the Tuning In mantra) three times.

2. Chant the mantra setting a pace of 9-12 seconds for each recitation. (Visualization and arm movements are described above.)

3. When the meditation has finished, powerfully and deeply inhale while raising arms above your head, and hold for 10-15 seconds. Powerfully and deeply exhale.

Repeat inhale-hold-exhale once more with raised arms. Then lower your arms to your lap/knees and sit quietly.

Feel the vibrations of the mantra in you and around you.

4. Finish by singing the “Longtime Sunshine” song followed by a Long Sat Nam.

Bless you in all ways, always,


Date: Monday June 18, 2018, You Can Chant to This Pre-Recorded Meditation anytime through June 23rd.
Live Broadcast: This is a SPECIAL EDITION that is Pre-Recorded (there is no "live broadcast" today).

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