Grace of God Meditation -Building A Woman's Radiance (Complete Practice)

Please Note: This version of the video begins with Sangeet "Tuning In" with the "Adi Mantra", followed by the "Grace of God" meditation (about five minutes) and concludes with the "Longtime Sunshine" song.

TAP for the "Complete Practice with Intro Talk" Version of this Video
TAP for the "Meditation Only" Version of this Video

This version of the Grace of God video is intended to be used as a complete self-contained Kundalini Yoga practice since it begins with "Tuning In", followed by the "Grace of God" meditation, and then concludes with the "Longtime Sunshine Song."

Many of you enjoy "Tuning In" and also singing the "Longtime Sunshine" song along with Sangeet, so this version of the video is perfect for you!

The "Complete Practice with Intro Talk" version of the video is a good place to start if this is your first time with this meditation. It has an inspiring talk by Sangeet as well as written details on how to do the meditation. We think you will find it very helpful!

The "Meditation Only" version of the video is for those of you who prefer to get right to the meditation because you want to include it in your larger practice which already uses "Tune In" and "Longtime Sunshine" song.

Sangeet's original Blog Post on this meditation is HERE.

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