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February 2016 -A Time For Deepening Spiritual Connections

Photo of Sangeet teaching an enthusiastic class of Kundalini Yoga students at Anahata Yoga Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona last month. Come and be part of the experience!

Dear Friends,

In this second month of the New Year, the Monthly Planetary Cycle (11) tells us we must strive to deepen our spiritual connections, to remain solid in our faith and trust that the hand of Divine Consciousness is guiding us and protecting us, no matter what circumstances arise.

The times of fear that welled up in January – calling on us to stand with courage – have passed, though this is still an undercurrent in this Year of the Planetary 9 Cycle. So we are commanded now to trust in our daily spiritual practice (daily means “every day”, really, it does!) and inspire and elevate others to do the same.

This is a time for advancing our self-mastery, our ability to stop our reactive mind and reach the state of "cherdi kala" – spirit rising. So despite all challenges, this a valuable month for growth.

Partnerships will be under pressure. Resist the fear that your partnership is not working. Stay non-reactive, calm and uplifting. Process your upsetting emotions with chanting and meditation.

Most importantly, be firm in the understanding that everything is working in your best interests even though events may sometimes try to convince you that quite the opposite is true. As I said at the start of this year:

"All outcomes belong to God, all events are covered by God."

Continue to meditate, pray, raise our spirits with yoga and powerful breath techniques.

It takes courage to trust, to raise ourselves up from the winter doldrums and to positively touch the lives of others every day.

So our focus this month in our classes is to support ourselves in living in the strength of our Divine connections.

Join us for as many of these events as you can. All are times to grow joyful in the warmth and spirit of community.

Bless you all!


February 2016 -Upcoming Events

Sunday, February 7th, 11-12:30 pm
“Empowering Your Divine Connections"
Anahata Yoga Studio, Scottsdale, Arizona

Sangeet shares a beautiful healing mantra practiced with a moving hand position (mudra) that empowers us, links us to the Infinite, and also builds victory in challenging communications with others. Yoga and pranayam (breath techniques) enhance our spirits even more. A gong meditation brings peace of mind.

Sangeet will also share a special message based on the planetary numerology of this month, with tips on how you can bring out your best in this new cycle.

Location: Anahata Yoga Studio, 10565 N. 114 St., Suite 110 (just south of Shea Blvd.). For inquiries: www.ana-ha-ta.com
Fee: Multiple class pass accepted. Single class fee: $18

Weekend of February 13th & 14th
Sangeet Leads two days in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Level 1 - at Yoga Phoenix. Open to those registered in the full 6-month course. Day passes may be available. Inquire at www.yogaphoenix.com.

Tuesday February 16th, 6 pm
The Journey to Brahm Prakash Master Meditation
with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

We continue to build our self-mastery in this challenging 9 Cycle with our 2-1/2 hour meditations on the 16th of each month. We focus on achieving a balance between steadily holding on our course while letting go of that which no longer serves us.

This date each month is now the 16th when a major portal opens around the world that allows us to meditate and reach the heavenly ethers to enlist the support of the ancient masters to surround this planet with our prayers for peace and harmony.

The mantra this month we will be chanting is "Ang Sung Wahe Guru" - "In every cell I am Wahe Guru - one in the ecstasy of God."

Location: Healing Source Home Center (9851 N, 28th Way, Phoenix, AZ 85028. Take Route 51. Exit Shea. Go west on Shea. Turn left on 28th St. Go 5 blocks and turn left on Cinnabar. Go 100 yards to cul de sac. We are corner house. PLEASE PARK ON CINNABAR, not on the cul de sac! Thank you!)
Fee: $20 ($35 per couple) Includes a hearty Vegan meal and yogi tea served afterwards

We will broadcast this event live here on our website.

Weekend of February 20th & 21st
A Private Class with Sangeet Teaching Reiki 1st & 2nd Degrees

A small group is flying in to Phoenix for these special classes. Call Sangeet's office in Phoenix at (602) 265-9096 if you would like to schedule a private class for 1 -4 people.

Private classes for individuals are usually held on weekdays. Weekend availability is limited. Please us our Contact Us for inquiries.

Tuesday, February 23rd, 6-7:30 pm
Full Moon Healing Meditation for Women with Sangeet

Join this beautiful healing circle of women, ongoing monthly for 26 years! Sangeet leads the healing mantra and adds in a powerful meditation with the symphonic gong at the end.

Location: Healing Source Home Center on 28th Way in North Phoenix (See above for Feb 16th)
Fee: Requested $5-$7. Includes Yogi Tea and Snacks

We will broadcast this event live here on our website.


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