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Journey to Brahm Prakash -Friday May 18, 2018 (2-1/2 Hour Meditation)

Sat Nam Everyone and Welcome to Today's
Journey to Brahm Prakash Meditation -SPECIAL EDITION

Led by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

Date & Time: Friday May 18, 2018, You Can Chant to This Pre-Recorded Audio Meditation Anytime on the 18th.
Live Broadcast: This is a SPECIAL EDITION that is Pre-Recorded (there is no "live broadcast" today).
Chat: Join us by posting a message in the chat box to the right. Please leave a message how you liked the meditation-as-a-song this time! Understandably, there won't be "tech support" for this event.

PLEASE NOTE: Sangeet created this Pre-Recorded Meditation since she will not be available to lead it live with all of you. It is a simple and beautiful a cappella audio recording that Sangeet first shared with us in September 2017.  At about the same time, Sangeet also wrote a blog post "Learn the Meditation 'Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru for Manifesting Cosmic Protection'" on this meditation and an instructional video "Meditation on 'Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru' for Manifesting Cosmic Protection (Complete Practice with Intro Talk)". This video is also an excellent reference if you are unfamiliar with how Kundalini yoga meditations begin with the "Adi Mantra" also known as the "Tuning In" mantra chant and end with the "Longtime Sunshine" song.

To start tonight's meditation song, look below the picture and click the Play button (it is the "circle with the triangle in it"). You can chant this meditation anytime during May 18th and additionally until the end of this month.

Meditation Details Are Below.

Suggested Donation of $15 for Tonight will enable us to continue bringing you high quality events like this one. Thank you!

To learn more about adding the "Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru" meditation to your spiritual practice, how to "Tune In", or the "Longtime Sunshine" song, please watch Sangeet's video by clicking HERE.

Dear Friends, Sat Nam!

This is my first personal message to you since my recent surgeries and month-long time in 3 hospitals.

What a journey this has been, with lots of challenges, love and learning all around! I am here today writing to you thanks to the real presence of your love, prayers and Reiki healing and thanks to God who twice “welcomed” me “home with honors” but left the choice to come back up to me.

I was told the journey back to life and full recovery would be hard and so it has been, yet rewarding and revealing of much in terms of energy science little known on this worldly level.

In time I will share and teach from all that I have been given in this process.

For now let me focus on this month, this time in the evolving calendar of the planet and how it affects all our lives.

May is a 7 Cycle month in an 11 Cycle year. Now focusing on our spiritual selves requires quiet and consistent contemplation, certainly a time to take refuge in sacred sound such as prayers and chanting. It is a time when touching the sacred within is the true journey to the expanded self. Mystic Plotinis called this “the flight of the alone to the alone.” I think of it as the re-melding of the God-Within to the God in All.

So take quiet time by yourself. Be reflective often with some reason or for no reason at all. Enjoy sitting by or being in water, listen to the song of the birds and the tress. Be with the wind that flows through all.

The meditation I chose for tonight’s broadcast is excellent for this time. It is re-broadcast from September 17th, 2017. I created the chant sounds from one of the most profound chants given to us by our beloved Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan. Done simply, a cappella style, with no instrumentation. Because it is a chant to do with the God within us – very personal, subtle and profound.

The Mantra is “Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru.”

Master Yogi Bhajan told us these six sounds cover us in all six directions – four sides and up and down. This establishes and resonates cosmic frequencies to which the Universe, the Cosmos, must respond. It establishes in the one who chants it an undeniable presence of command. These frequencies will carry us through all calamity.

Yogi Bhajan said of this mantra:

“When there comes a moment in your life when nothing works, if all shelter and hope is gone, when the enemies overcome and friends have left, do this meditation.

The sound current has an Infinite power. It is the only power that is given to the human to excel. Vaak Siddhi is the perfection of the sound projection.

Guru Nanak explained it, ‘Through the mouth you utter a sound current, to which God listens with love.’

What you say is not a sound current. The sound current is that which you create with the organic matter of your body where you use your pranas and that has a projective power.”

In other words, this chant establishes in the one who chants it an undeniable presence of command.

Carry this chant on for 40 days, for 11 minutes a day, and experience a new sense of unperturable strength and calm.

The instructions for doing this meditation are simple: 

Asana and Mudra: Sit on the floor in Easy Pose (legs crossed, hands resting on knees in Gyan Mudra or in lap) or sit in a chair (with hands resting on thighs in Gyan Mudra or in lap) and do your best to keep a straight spine and feet flat on the floor.

Drishti and Pranayam: Eyes are closed and focused on the Third Eye Point. The breath will adjust itself as you chant.


Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru

Here's How To Do It:

1. Sitting in Easy Pose or a chair, chant the Adi Mantra (the Tuning In mantra) three times.

2. Click the Play button above to start the meditation and chant out loud. Put your heart into it!

3. When the meditation has finished, powerfully and deeply inhale while raising arms above your head, and hold for 10-15 seconds. Powerfully and deeply exhale. Repeat inhale-hold-exhale once more with raised arms. Then lower your arms to your lap/knees and sit quietly. Feel the vibrations of the mantra in you and around you.

4. Finish by singing the “Longtime Sunshine” song followed by a Long Sat Nam.

I look forward to seeing and hugging you all as time and energy rebuild in me. For now take this this virtual hug and pass it around!

Bless you in all ways, always,


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© 2018 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved


Many friends of our beloved Sangeet have been doing fund-raising to help support her through surgery, unexpected complications, and treatments since April 16th. These are ongoing, have life changing ramifications and require much future expense as well.

If you’d like to join them, her long-time friend Attorney Jerome Landau has set up a special account and checks can be written and mailed to:

“Jerome Alan Landau FBO Sangeet Khalsa”
8711 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd, #208, Sscottsdale, AZ 85255
(“FBO” means 'For the Benefit Of' and can only be used for the person named).

Here are three poignant letters and updates from caring students and friends.

Dear Friends and Family of Sangeet,

Our dearest Sangeet has been in serious difficulties, in and after surgery. She has stood at death’s door twice since she entered the hospital on April 16th for a full lumbar laminectomy. Following surgery, she went into pulmonary collapse. She is also being treated for a severe infectious disease and so much more! Through three hospitals she has struggled and won, slow step by slow step.

She is still under close monitoring while learning new ways to walk and resume coordination.

Her biggest challenges are ahead, but her soul and mind are clear. The gifts flowing to her as a master teacher are immense.

Nine years ago, at her 70th birthday celebration, I flew out from Connecticut to speak about her as a counselor, a teacher and friend. At that time I remember telling everyone, “When you reach out and hold her hand, she’s touching God’s hand, and so are you.” As she stood at death’s door, holding God’s hand, she asked to stay here and complete her mission serving us.

Sangeet gives so much to all of us. Now it is our turn to give to her. Sangeet has been there for all of us for decades. Please help her now by sending your gift to her dear friend Attorney Jerome Alan Landau who has set up a fund to help her. Mr. Landau's address is at the top of this letter.

Respectfully and lovingly,

Sarb Nam Kaur McCandless,
Noank, Connecticut


Dear Ones,

Shortly after Yogi Bhajan died in 2004, Sangeet invited me to join her on a “yatra” (sacred pilgrimage) lead by Yogi-ji’s family and a group of long-time students to scatter his ashes at sacred sites in India.

We went from New Delhi to Amritsar to Rishikesh, stopping at towns and temples to meet and pray with mourners, do pujas on the Ganges and join in ceremonies. It was my first trip to India, and everything was new – the colors and customs, the tastes and ways of looking at the world. But one thing especially caught my attention. Wherever we went, ordinary people in the streets would see something special in Sangeet, and they would approach reverently, putting their hands together, bowing, and kissing the hem of her dress. Again and again, they knew – don’t ask me how – that Sangeet was a holy woman.

And so she is.

After a career in corporate New York, she met Yogi Bhajan, trained in Kundalini yoga, meditation, and Reiki and became a master healer and teacher. For thirty five years, she’s devoted her life to easing the suffering of others – always putting their needs before her own. She’s comforted us, taught us, counseled us, married us, nursed us into wellness and performed miracles beyond counting – gently, humbly, untiringly. She asked almost nothing in return.

But now it’s our turn. Sangeet needs us.

After living in awful pain for several years, Sangeet went into the hospital for major back surgery on April 16th. Her recovery has been difficult. A few days after surgery, Sangeet went into respiratory failure. She was ambulanced to a second hospital where she was put on a ventilator and a central line was inserted into her neck. She was started on antibiotics for her lungs and is currently undergoing diagnostic cardiac tests. While she’s now off the ventilator, she’s still fighting for her life.

At this time it's estimated that Sangeet will need $48,000 to meet her expenses, and I’m asking you for help.

An account has been set up for her benefit by her long-time friend, Attorney Jerome Landau, and Jerome has graciously volunteered to gather and pay out funds on her behalf for the next 6 months.

Please, please, join us in helping Sangeet. You can send your gift by making your check payable to “Jerome Allan Landau FBO Sangeet Khalsa and mail it to 8711 E Pinnacle Peak Road, # 208, Scottsdale, AZ 85255.

All gifts will be held in confidence, and Sangeet will have no way of knowing who gifted her or how much money any individual gave. Your help is urgently needed no matter how big or how small.

With your help, we believe Sangeet will heal and go on to even greater service. We need her. The world needs her. Please won’t you join us in making it possible.

In grace and gratitude,

Saibhung Kaur
(Sandra Lorde Michael)


Beloved friends and family of Sangeet,

Thank you for your continual prayers, blessings, and healing energy over the last few weeks in support of our beloved Sangeet during her progress from spinal surgery and pulmonary collapse.

Sangeet is remarkable and nothing short of amazing. While on the physical plane, Sangeet has endured massive doses of medications, steroids, and was intubated twice. She’s had spinal surgery, and been days and nights in ER and ICU in two hospitals. She’s gone through many invasive tests, X-rays, CT scans, and each way through touched the hearts of the nurses, doctors, physical therapists, nursing assistants, speech therapists and many more who have served her.

Spiritually, however, the thresholds Sangeet has passed through are the most extraordinary. Touching the heavens and beyond, meeting with God and Guru, full in rapture and sacred rarities only scriptures are able to speak of are the realms Sangeet has shared.

I along with many there throughout this process felt that this was her time, and began emotionally preparing for her transition. But Sangeet never ceases to amaze us. She chose to resume her mission with us with renewed vigor and strength.

Many of us across the country who have been helping her with our healing and prayers, have come together to support a plan created by her dear attorney friend Jerome Landau who has created an account that will help financially meet her ongoing needs and long-term recovery.

Please join us. Send your contributions to:

Jerome Alan Landau FBO Sangeet Khalsa
8711 E. Pinnacle Peak Road, #208
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Your helps will be deeply appreciated!

With Gratitude,

SS Amar Atma Singh Khalsa, LAc MTCM
Minister. Chaplain. Acupuncturist. Reiki Master. Sacred Numerologist.

 If you too feel the calling to help Sangeet then I ask you to join Sarb Nam Kaur, Saibhung Kaur, Amar Atma Singh, and many other students, extended spiritual "family" members, clients, and friends, in helping Sangeet be victorious over the challenges ahead. Please mail your contributions to Attorney Jerome Landau FBO Sangeet Khalsa at the address below. The account will be administered by Mr. Landau and all donations will be kept anonymous.

“Jerome Alan Landau FBO Sangeet Khalsa”
8711 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd, #208, Sscottsdale, AZ 85255
(“FBO” means 'For the Benefit Of' and can only be used for the person named).

Thank you and as Sangeet always says "Bless you in all ways always!"

Hari Nam Singh
May 8, 2018

©2018 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved

A Personal Journey

[It is the rarest of souls that are presented with the opportunity to leave the Earthly realm and go Home to the etheric realms to be welcomed Home with honor. Rarer still are the few who chose to turn that aside to continue their earthly mission.

The following is my account of one of those souls, my wife Sangeet, who is very special to me and to so many others. The events in this story happened over April and May 2018.]

I slumped onto the floor with my knees tight up against my aching chest, tears rolling down my face soaking the days-old clothes I was wearing.

“Has Sangeet taught her final class?” “Has the final question unknowingly been asked by a student?” “Was it at least a good one?” “Was the 10-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training class she taught the day before her 5-hour spinal surgery the swan song of this dedicated, genuine, and beloved teacher?”

“Have I hugged my wife for the very last time?”

“What will we all do, Now?”

My mind was racing a thousand thoughts a moment. And then it was as if I could hear Sangeet in the Emergency Room speak to me through the wall my back was pressed up against to “breathe deep, I am still here.”

I think this is when Amar Atma Singh Khalsa recited the “final prayers” of all Sikhs – just to be sure all bases were covered.

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Kundalini Yoga -"Reaching The Infinite Heart" A Special Class To Lift Heart And Mind As One With Yoga, Breath, And Meditation

Please Note: This video of a wonderful “Valentine's Day” Kundalini yoga class includes the pranayam Re-vitalizing The Heart Area, the yoga set Heart and Soul, the meditation Heart Shield Meditation and of course Sangeet's old world charm, Yogi Bhajan and personal stories, and humor!

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