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February 2021 Numerology: Mastery, Mystery, And The Heavens

Hello & Sat Nam Dear Family & Friends,

We are entering the month of February, which brings more aspects to focus on in our overall Planetary Cycles for the Planet and for the USA.

The 5 Planetary Cycle for the Earth in 2021 now moves into the 7 month, focusing on boundaries, aloneness, critical causes, worry and nervousness as well as the joys of sound and comment that can connect us to the heavens celestially.

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Love Letters From Sangeet - Episode 1: "The Mysterious Blue Box"



A New Year’s Love Letter from Sangeet

Dear Family and Friends,

Several weeks ago Sangeet recorded a special message of gratitude, launching a new series of video messages we call “Love Letters from Sangeet.”

This episode is all about a mysterious blue box that appeared at her door just before Thanksgiving.

The story is about gratitude and dips into some of Sangeet’s early-days-memories from the start of her business career in New York City. Her message is full of several sweet sharing moments.

Well, we intended to put out this video for you over the holidays and somehow – with the development of our new website and the Annual Numerology Forecast capturing our busy work schedule – we're just publishing it now.

Nonetheless, this message is universal. It belongs in every celebration.

Listening to this message now, we realized that it wasn’t supposed to be a Thanksgiving or Christmas share. It was meant to be a New Year’s greeting, and a reminder of all that we have to be grateful for at this time.

So we send it to you with our love, our affection and abundant New Year’s blessings.

Perhaps you’ll pass it along to others. It deserves a good share!

Aways so grateful for all of you in our lives!

Hari Nam Singh
January 3, 2021

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