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November 2019 Numerology: A Time For Excellence -Move Your Feet & Up Your Fire!

Dear Family and Friends,

‘Tis the season of Autumn and cooler temps have arrivedfor many of us, lower temps somewhat sooner than normal. Here in central Arizona our nights have dipped down into the 50s, even high 40s.

This is the time to raise your metabolic fires and there’s no better way than a daily walk, paced between slow, moderate and more vigorous. Experts tell us 15 minutes is just fine, if you don’t stop to talk with someone or smell the roses still showing their pretty faces here in Phoenix.

In planetary numerology, November is a 5 month – all about the physical body – a time to build strength and endurance and flexibility. This also supports our ability to make wiser choices and re-examine priorities.

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Sangeet Stars on "The God Show"

You could feel the chemistry and measure the enormous heart-space that arose when Sangeet and Hall of Fame Broadcaster Pat McMahon spent an hour together July 23, 2019 “on air” recording a new episode of Pat’s famous “The God Show,” an Arizona favorite for nearly two decades. (Enjoy the photos -all 6 of them!)

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