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October 2017 Numerology: We've Finally Arrived! Question Is, Arrived Where?

Dear Family and Friends,

Only a few weeks ago I wrote in my September blog that we would see an uplift after we passed Sept 21st and most certainly in October. Why? Because October is an 11 Planetary Cycle month, a time for spiritual uplift. Of course I did mention there could be some challenges.

Well October has arrived and yes there are still many challenges around the world. Did you think I meant all would be bright and rosy? Well not without some effort.

The final closing of the influences of the dark and heavy 9 Cycle at the end of September didn't mean all the problems would go away. It meant we had time up until then to clean out our closets, deal with our issues and learn to truly “let go-let God.”

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Request to Chant on September 21st The "Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru" Meditation

Dear Friends,

Exciting News! We created a separate 11 minute Audio Only version of the Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru meditation to compliment the Video versions I wrote about a few days ago.

I'm asking each one of you to do this meditation on September 21st. It is your choice to chant with the VIDEO Version or the AUDIO Version.

Hopefully you read my article September 2017 Numerology: The 'Great Turning' is Here -Onward and Upward! and realize that tomorrow, Thursday September 21st is a Big Deal.

Please let your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. know about this, millions of us all chanting this meditation can indeed make a positive impact across the globe.

Here is the web page and it includes a link to download the MP3 file so that you can put it on your phone, tablet, or laptop and chant it if that is more convenient.

Thank you for in advance for taking a few minutes to help our fellow brothers and sisters around our blessed world.

Bless you always,

September 20, 2017

©2017 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.

A Special Music in My Heart Forever

Dear Friends,

There is a special place in my heart that lives with smiles forever. It is the small Caribbean nation of Dominica (avirtualdominica.com, wikipedia.org) whose people, singing happily as they work, that touched my soul more than 40 years ago.

To think of this beautiful paradise now, devastated by a Catagory 5 Hurricane with 165 mph winds earlier this week, is so sad. Roofs torn off most buildings, even in the capital of Roseau. So many modest lean-to's, corrugated shacks, even the better built little cottages - gone.

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September 2017 Numerology: The "Great Turning" is Here -Onward and Upward!

Dear Friends,

Finally, the time has arrived! We can see the end of darkness and the rising dawn. It comes on the morning of September 22nd. We can breathe fresh air, put a lot of the messy past behind us, dump our upsets, angers and struggles, and climb out of our holes into brighter days.

Well that's the hope and that's my prayer. We need to put all our efforts together to accomplish this. The opportunities for brighter times have been a long time coming.

A Long Dark Spell

Here's what's led up to this time of opportunity.

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Learn the Meditation "Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru for Manifesting Cosmic Protection"

Click here for the "Meditation on Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru for Manifesting Cosmic Protection"

Dear Friends,

We are at a magnificent yet critical “turning time” on our planet when challenges that face us may overwhelm and confuse us. This meditation is perfect for bringing strength and clarity at this time and frankly at any time in your life when you need the power of cosmic energy to protect and uplift you.

At this time the Planet is moving from the dark days of the Planetary 9 Cycle (the “ending cycle”) that began last year and carried into this year with serious social and cultural divisions.

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