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Yoga With Sangeet -Monday November 23 at 9 am

Yoga with Sangeet
Good Morning Everyone!

Led by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

Date & Time: Monday November 23, 2020, 9 am -10:15 am (Click For Current Arizona Time)
Live Broadcast: The Live Broadcast on this website starts 10 minutes earlier. (Click here for compatibility)
Class Fee: $15. Please pay by using the "Donate" button below. Thank You!
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Yoga Class Details Are Below.

This Morning's Yoga Class is Titled “Recharge Nerves, Rebuild Immunity & Memeory”

Sangeet leads us in a high-action class today but first we begin with our usual warm-up exercises.

Sangeet then opens with an eight-stroke breath to recharge and strengthen the immune system and enhance the psyche. It works on the arcline energy field above the head which opens up your capacity for prayer and self-blessing.

The yoga set, demonstrated so well by Hari Nam Singh, brings strength and balance to the nervous system with 7 short exercises, followed by a set of three exercises to enhance memory. Starting with several versions of leg raises, nothing lasts longer than 1-2 minutes. This includes a one-minute Back Platform posture and a fun exercise walking on your knees.

She leads us through breath and movement combinations with wonderful relaxation breaks in between these short sprint-like postures.

The closing meditation is a true rejuvenator with the mental chant of “Sa Ta Na Ma” to release pent-up stress and karma. This meditation is said to produce strong health and excellent regenerative capabilities.

The closing gong layout brings a soothing conclusion to balance the energy of recharging and rebuilding glands and nerves. What a closing to seal all the best within!

We look forward to sharing this time with you,

Sangeet and Hari Nam

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Compatibility and Support Information for Computers / Smart Phone / Tablets

Please note that on some computers, phones and tablets the video can take up to 60 seconds to start (it is buffering the live video stream).

Video support for mobile devices ("smart" phones and tablets) is often iffy because they use the newer and currently less compatible "HTML5" video instead of "Flash."

Desktop/laptop computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) work best because they come with Adobe Flash Player. Please check that you have a very recent version of Flash. Video support for mobile devices, however, is often iffy. Mac users often have problems with the built-in browser "Safari". Install Google's "Chrome" browser or Mozilla's "Firefox" browser and use either one of those instead. (The difference between those two mostly has to do with privacy -with Chrome, being from Google, you surrender all your privacy [same as using Safari] and Firefox, being from the Mozilla Foundation, you retain much of your privacy.)

Android Smart Phone and Tablet users -In the recent versions of Andriod the built-in browser is called "Chrome." It is most compatible and usually works very well. If the video is not playing correctly, then there is not really anything that can be done other than try a desktop computer if one is nearby -that may work better for you.

Firefox-for-Andriod (free and found in the Google Play store) usually works well. We personally use Firefox-for-Android on our Android devices rather than the built-in brower (for a number of reasons including better privacy and also better compatibility with HTML 5 video). So you might want to give it a try!

iPads and iPhones purchased within the past year or so usually work fine with the video. Older versions often struggle to keep a reliable video connection and there really isn't a way to fix it.

In general, though, if the video stops and there is just a black box without a big "Play" button in the middle of it, "refreshing" your browser usually re-starts the video. Unfortunately, interruptions during live broadcasts are usually unavoidable. However, using a computer / smart phone / tablet less than 2 years old can minimized interruptions and in some cases avoid them all together. It is just the nature of this technology, but it will improve in the coming years.

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NEW "Numbers Behind The News" Episode 4

“The Presidential Race: Reading The Cycles”
Explore The Numerology Behind The News

Hosted by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

In this latest episode featuring insights into the U.S. presidential race, Sangeet examines the impact of annual and monthly cycles.

Titled “Episode 4: The Presidential Race: Reading the Cycles”, (14 minutes) (click HERE for video) she looks at how the annual planetary cycle and the annual cycle for the U.S., along with the monthly cycles for November set the stage for the contest between the two candidates.

Then Sangeet shows us how the annual and monthly cycles for Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump interacted, moving each in and out of strong positions. It’s an interesting reveal.

You’ll want to watch the earlier Episode 3: Mr. Biden, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Trump, Mr. Obama, And The U.S.A” (click HERE for video) to get an even fuller comprehension of the dynamics at work. It’s simply a science with no politics or judgment implied.

Is the contest over? Well, the play of strengths goes on throughout the month. Watch this latest episode to find out for yourself!

May your numbers be fulfilling,

Hari Nam

Click HERE To Go To The List Of “Numbers Behind The News” Episodes.

© 2020 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved

NEW "Numbers Behind The News" Video Mini-Series!

"Numbers Behind The News"
Explore The Numerology Behind The News

Hosted by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

Sangeet launches a new short video series called “Numbers Behind the News” using her Blessings Code Numerology® System to gain insights into the news and people in the news.

In each of these three videos she takes a different approach to the Presidential candidates, the choices their souls made in this lifetime, and some of their current strengths and challenges. Sitting by her familiar flip-chart, she gives us a neutral apolitical perspective not intended to influence anyone’s vote.

Episode 3: “Mr. Biden, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Trump, Mr. Obama, And The U.S.A.” (14 minutes) (click HERE for video) gives us an unusual insight into the destiny of each of these prominent people. 

Episode 2: “Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden, and the U.S.A.” (20 minutes) (click HERE for video) looks at the commonalities and differences between the two candidates, their current and upcoming Personal Annual Cycles, and their relationship to the birth-chart of our country.

Episode 1: “Donald Trump: COVID Conundrum” (9 minutes) (click HERE for video) addresses the question as to whether or not he contracted the virus and the particular challenges and strengths he has regarding immunity.

More episodes are planned both during and following the election which will be tied to the charts of both candidates and the progressed chart of the United States.

As Sangeet often declares, she’s “not a betting woman” so there aren’t any predictions of a winner. But if you recall in 2016 she did say that, given Mrs. Clinton’s Personal Annual Cycle at the time, it “would be difficult” to see her rising to the presidency.

Stay tuned for more episodes of “Numbers Behind the News.”

May your best numbers work for you,

Hari Nam

© 2020 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved

Akal Maha Kal Mantra Meditation

Dear Family and Friends,

This 11 minute mantra-meditation is perfect for these times. It is quite powerful and rarely done. It will bring a renewal of innocence and dispel fear from the personality to allow healing on all levels. The ancient teachings tell us that with constant practice, even as brief as 11 minutes a day, chanting this mantra will assist you and those in your family to live in peace to a ripe old age.

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Carried By The Chant

This past weekend Sikhs around the world gather to celebrate the birth of the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das, born in 1534. For Sikhs and Kundalini yoga students worldwide he is known asThe Lord of Miracles.

That indeed proved true, as revealed in this story Sangeet wrote for the Winter Issue of the Sikh Dharma Ministry newsletter. Her chanting for days to this great Master who resides with other Saints and Masters in the etheric realms did indeed bring miracles for her and her dear husband earlier this year when he underwent several surgeries and lay near death.

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October 2020 Numerology: TRUTH -Get A Health Check-up And Prepare!

The month of October every year has special significance in the numerology cycle of the Planet and in our progress through our own Personal Cycles. This year it is even more important. What we do this month and how we do it will reshape our lives and our world – in the coming months, throughout 2021 and beyond.

For most people October brings a major seasonal transition, while in the Northern Hemisphere we try to capture the last of summertime fun and warmth.

This year there is that extra need to get out and we have become a very impatient people – living through stages of lockdown, reopening, partial lockdown, and so forth.

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A Turning Point in History, Personal and Profound

We are within days of arriving at a turning point in history, both personally and planet-wide. This transition point begins on September 20th with the arrival of the Fall Equinox and carries over through midnight on the 21st into the morning of the 22nd with a shift in the Communal Mind’s Consciousness.

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