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Yoga With Sangeet and Hari Nam "Breathing Our Pranic Life-Rhythm"

Welcome Everyone To This Week's Yoga Class!
Led by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

Date & Time: Monday September 27, 9 a.m. PST - Monday October 4, 2021 midnight
Broadcast: This is a broadcast of the November 18, 2019 yoga class.
Class Fee: Suggested Donation of $11. You may enjoy this yoga class as many times as you wish and only pay once. Thank you!

Sat Nam Everyone! This week's class is available for one week, so enjoy it as many times as you wish! Please keep in mind that this video or accompanying text may refer to information that is relative to the date the class was filmed. --Hari Nam Singh

Sangeet Teaches Us an Energetic Breath Meditation and Kriya for Radiance this Week”

Dear Family & Friends,

Prana is our basic life-force energy. It has character, depth and rhythm. We build and improve its Life-Rhythm through our mental-emotional thought patterns, our body movements and mantra and especially our breath. Thus the combination of yoga postures, hand positions, healing mantra and breath assist us continually.

This set of exercises, along with the breath meditation and the closing chanted meditation release negativity, increase our healthy radiance and give us healthy longevity.

As we are coming to the end of a 5 Action-Cycle Month Sangeet gives us a three-segment breath routine with a simple moving hand mudra (position) where the hand squeezes coincide with the breath rhythm. We are building our prana, adjusting its life-force energy and healthy radiance.

Then, after going though a set of warm-up exercises, she leads us through a set of exercises that release negativity, It incorporates a 60-degree diagonal stretch of both arms, followed by Breath of Fire, then 15 Frog Poses, then relaxing into a deep breathing exercise while lying on our back in rock pose.

What a feat!

We end the yoga set with standing up and balancing on our toes with arms overhead and hands together in “reverse lotus” position.

The closing meditation for this class is a continuous chanting of “Sat Nam’”and “Wahe Guru” with hands together in front of the heart, middle fingers crossed over for balance. This is a most peaceful and powerful meditation..


Sat Nam (6 times) Wahe Guru

Sangeet finishes this class with the sound vibration sequences of two symphonic gongs locks in the elevated energy of the class. Relax and allow the Universe to take care of you.

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Bless you for taking the time for You with this class,

Sangeet and Hari Nam

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(This yoga class was taught on November 11, 2019 and can be found in the “Sadhana Guidelines and Praana Praanee Praanayam” manuals by Kundalini Research Institute. Breathwalk® Gurucharan S. Khalsa, Ph.D.)

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