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Quick Remider -"Spirit of Sangeet" Numerology Sessions Sale Ends Sept. 30

Sangeet is extending her special “SOS Rate” for personal numerology-based sessions through the end of September. Find out how you can use your strengths (and minimize the big challenges) to put together a plan for the coming months.

This Zoom (or traditional phone) session is just $135 (a savings of $15) and for sessions using Zoom a recording is included. Contact Sangeet by email through our Contact Us page HERE.

A Turning Point in History, Personal and Profound

We are within days of arriving at a turning point in history, both personally and planet-wide. This transition point begins on September 20th with the arrival of the Fall Equinox and carries over through midnight on the 21st into the morning of the 22nd with a shift in the Communal Mind’s Consciousness.

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September 2020 Numerology: This is the Month to Make Plans & Progress!

This is the Month to Make Plans & Progress!

Hallelujah! After a tumultuous year so far, September can give us a time to make progress in our lives. It is an important gateway month when we can launch plans and activities that will carry us into 2021.

This is a 4 Cycle Month in the planet’s evolution, based on Blessings Code™ Numerology.

That means you can push away the clouds and mental fog and get a look at the bigger picture of where you are now and where you want to go. You can set a plan, even if it’s a mini-plan.

But what plan?

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I Stand For You, For All Of You. I Always Have.

I Stand For You, For All Of You. I Always Have.

Dear Family and Friends,

For 81 years of life I have seen countless challenges in our communities, in our nation and across national borders. Growing up in World War II, remembering the Korean Conflict, it still seemed simple to discern good and bad. Any Hollywood Western would show you – the good guys rode white horses and wore the white hats.

No one had to ask “Where do you stand?” You stood for God and country, and probably apple pie.

Sadly, such is not the case these days.

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