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NOTICE: Yoga With Sangeet and Hari Nam

Welcome Everyone To This Week's Yoga Class!
Led by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa and Hari Nam Singh

Date & Time: Wednesday December 1, 2021 at 9 a.m.
Broadcast: This week's Yoga Class will be posted on Wednesday December 1. It is a bit different than our usual classes.

This class is the 11-11-11 Journey to Brahm Prakash 3-day event held in Sedona, Arizona on November 11, 2011.

It has been edited into a one hour video that is quite a piece of history! The video includes 3 short meditations (the original meditations at the event were 2-1/2 hours each!) and some talk and over-all feel of this event.

Those of you who attended will really appreciate re-living the experience and being amazed at what you accomplished.

And those of you who were not there, enjoy this insight into why Sangeet's Journey to Brahm Prakash meditation we do each month is so important.

I'm having to post this class on Tuesday (instead of Monday) because there were some significant technical challenges in cleaning up the audio -you'll understand why when enjoying the video. So I've left the last yoga class here for you to do until then (no need to pay again).

See you very soon...

--Hari Nam Singh

P.S. I've had to change the class publish date to Wednesday instead of Tuesday because we had to transfer our website to a new web server sooner than scheduled. The good news is that the transfer went smoothly. Thank you for your patience...

Yoga With Sangeet and Hari Nam "Rise & Shine For The Lungs & Circulation!"

Welcome Everyone To This Week's Yoga Class!
Led by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

Date & Time: Monday November 15, 9 a.m. PST - Monday November 22, 2021 midnight
Broadcast: The title of this class is “Rise & Shine for The Lungs & Circulation!” taught on June 11, 2017.
Class Fee: Suggested Donation of $11. You may enjoy this yoga class as many times as you wish and only pay once. Thank you!

Sat Nam Everyone! This week's class is available for one week, so enjoy it as many times as you wish! Please keep in mind that this video or accompanying text may refer to information that is relative to the date the class was filmed. --Hari Nam Singh

A Stand-Up Winner

Dear Friends & Family,

This week’s yoga set and meditation class is a stand-up winner, fit for enthusiastic beginners and intermediate students. This is the best way to feel the pulse of life in yourself and keep it strong throughout your day.

Sangeet’s humorful beginning (“let’s get high” with movement and breath) guides us into a busy class.

This is a perfect set for this time – balancing the impact of the 7 Cycle month of November 2021 and preparing us for the higher prana energy of the incoming 8 Cycle month of December.

We start the class, after warm ups, by standing and swinging our arms in giant circles up and over the head and then backward and forward, releasing energy to stimulate lungs, lung meridians and the upper lymph system.

The moves are also rhythmic, as hands meet overhead then tap the floor seven times while chanting “Har!,” followed by “Haree!” This is a great navel-activating exercise.

Har Har Har Har Har Har Har Haree

We’re stimulating the all-important navel chakra and digestive circulation. This mantra also brings up and frees us of fear and confusion that get in the way of our acting decisively.

Since December of 2021 is soon upon us, and it is a prana-driven 8 Cycle month, our ability to take rapid action is important. As we close the month of November 2021we are closing the 7 Cycle Month in which we use mantra to experience our higher selves.

Of course there are some simple postures in this set. There’s Baby Pose with Breath of Fire and also arms moving while body is bent forward in Yoga Mudra done with Breath of Fire.

Is there a specific breath to do during the 8 Cycle? Almost any breath but most important is Breath of Fire which I show you how to do in this class.

We also open up our lower centers doing leg lifts with Breath of Fire and criss-crossing legs with Breath of Fire.

Sound challenging? Well many moves in this yoga set are only 2-3 minutes long. This short set can run as long as 22 minutes, or shorter, and it will prepare you for an excellent day.

Practice it regularly and enjoy an excellent life.

So it is fitting that there are two meditations at the end of this class – perfect for this 7 Cycle month of November.

The first is the classic “Meditation Into Being” with single hand movements in three places in relation to the body as we chant “I am, I am, I am.” We are helping the finite mind come into a state of being with the Infinite Self.

I am, I am

The second meditation uses the rhythmic changing of “Sat Nam” and “Wahe Guru” to balance the left hemisphere of the brain with the base of the right hemisphere so the brain keeps its equilibrium. under stress and shock.

Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru

Of course the chanting gently transitions into the pulsing cleansing tones of the symphonic gong as all drift off into a dreamless rest.

As this 7 Cycle is wrapping up and December is rapidly approaching, may I encourage you to consider a personal numerology session with me. Call or email now -- I have just a few appointments remaining in November.

Enjoy this yoga class now and throughout this week. You are a Divine Blessing.

 Bless you all!

Sangeet Kaur and Hari Nam Singh

Want to know your Destiny Path and how to use its influence in your life? Email or Call Sangeet for a personal numerology appointment by using our Contact Us Page or call Sangeet in Phoenix, Arizona at (602) 265-9096.

(This yoga class was taught on June 11, 2017 and can be found in the “The Aquarian Teacher -KRI International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One Yoga Manual published by Kundalini Research Institute. Music: “Har Har Mukanday from the CD “Ascend by Shunia; “Sat Nam 6X Wahe Guru from the CD “Tone Up by Sangeet Kaur Khalsa.)

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Conquering Climate Change with Kundalini Yoga

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Dear Family & Friends,

Sound impossible? Not so! You are helping to save the planet every time you do Kundalni Yoga, breath-pranayam, meditation and mantra. This is So true especially now as we enter the 7 Planetary Cycle and the dark caves of Scorpio!

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